“Insist on customer first, serve with heart” – “SONGZ Group’s most beautiful retrograde man” Fule Yuan’s outstanding deeds

March 06 01:42 2021

2020 was an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 is raging around the world, and all walks of life are intensely impacted. The bus business department has the courage to face difficulties and overcome them, always adhere to the customer first, always be with customer needs, serve attentively, and relieve customer worries. In the process, many brave people emerged in the process, especially Comrade Fule Yuan from the Comprehensive Support Department.

At the end of August, Golden Dragon put forward the need for on-site technical service for battery thermal management system on bus roof for export to Pakistan. Fule Yuan came forward: “I am alone in Shanghai, and I have experience in handling on-site problems, I want to go!” Immediately, he used the shortest time to comfort his family members who were thousands of miles away, completed work preparation and arrived at the work site in Peshawar, Pakistan in early September.

At the work site in Peshawar, Pakistan, he is facing a harsh internal and external environment with turbulent local political situation and high risk of COVID-19. At this time, he upholds the concept of customer first in the business department, is determined to serve customers, strives to overcome language communication barriers, physical discomfort, and quickly and selflessly puts into work. Every time there was a problem on the scene, he always rushed to the first time and quickly tested, analyzed and processed.

At the same time, he not only handled the battery thermal management system of his job well, but also played a strong team collaboration ability to co-handle related vehicle problems. All of this is to solve the problem in the shortest time to ensure customer operations.

He worked hard day and night, and had very little rest time. He could only sleep for 3-4 hours a day, so he often lay down on the ground and rest when the problem is solved on the spot.

This kind of hard work and professionalism, as well as the professionalism and ability to solve problems quickly, has not only won the high recognition of customers, but also won the praise of end users! Xuezheng Yang, the sales manager of Golden Dragon Middle East, said: “We must reward Fule Yuan. He works hard day and night every day! Just talked to me and fell asleep on the ground!”

Fule Yuan adheres to and firmly practices the concept of customer first, let us win the trust of customers with our dedicated service, and contribute our strength to the development of SONGZ brand! Let’s pay tribute to “SONGZ’s most beautiful retrograde man”!





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