What Are The Matters Needing Attention Of The Smd Inductor

March 05 22:31 2021

What are the matters needing attention to the smd inductor, the professional inductor manufacturer GeV is here to explain.

The chip inductor is also called power inductor and high current inductor. The chip inductance is a property of series circuits. When the current is based on the SMD inductor in the solenoid coil, the SMD inductor causes magnetic induction in the electromagnetic field in the coil, which also makes the induction coil current resist the current based on the solenoid coil.

The effectiveness of the on-line chip inductor is based on the variable electromagnetic field produced by an unstable constant-current supply, which in turn destroys the current. The paste inductor is in series in the control circuit of the power transformer, which plays the role of alternating current and high frequency pulse immediately. Thus it has the effect of transmitting AC pulses according to AC resistors.

Widely used in digital products, PDA, notebook computers, mobile phones, network communications, graphics CARDS, LCD backlight, power modules, car electronics, security products, office automation, household appliances, interphone, electronic toys, wireless communications, information technology equipment, radar detectors, automotive electronics, mobile phones, pagers, audio equipment, sports equipment and medical equipment, etc. Generally speaking, power inductors are widely used.

Points to note when using power inductor

1. When using the inductor, attention should be paid to dry humidity, ambient temperature, high frequency, low frequency environment, so that the performance of the inductor perception, or impedance characteristics;

2. At low frequency, the frequency characteristic of the inductor is the same as that of the chip inductor, which can only lead to energy accumulation and filter the high frequency characteristic. The impedance characteristics are obvious at high frequencies. Extremely high energy, weak sensation and other phenomena. Various sensors have different high frequency characteristics;

3. The inductor should be set to withstand the high current and the corresponding heating condition;

4. When using magnet, find out the corresponding L value according to the above magnet parts, and the applicable range of the corresponding material;

5. Pay attention to wire (varnished wire, varnished wire or naked wire), commonly used varnished wire.Find the right warp.

Above is the patch inductor five points to note, hope to help you, we are from China’s inductor supplier – gewei electronics, welcome to consult!

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