What Are The Parameters Of The Smd Inductance

March 05 22:25 2021

Smd inductor is one of the most common inductors in our daily production, which has a wide range of applications.Fit inductance is a characteristic of series circuits.The effectiveness of wire-strap inductors is based on the fact that an unstable constant-current supply produces a variable electromagnetic field, which in turn destroys the current.

The patch inductor is in series in the control circuit of the power transformer, which immediately plays the role of AC and high frequency pulse.Thus, it has the effect of transmitting AC pulses according to the AC resistance.So, what are the inductance parameters of SMD?Getwell is a professional inductor supplier to tell you.

1. Inductance L

Inductance indicates the inherent characteristics of the coil and is independent of the current.With the exception of some special inductor coils (color ring inductors), they are not shown specifically on inductor coils, but are shown with specific names.

2. Inductance XL

Inductance coil to the AC current to block the effect of the University of love is called inductive reactance, its unit is the ohm.It is closely related to the point of dry food and the frequency of alternating current.

3. Quality factor Q

Quality factor Q is the physical quantity of the inductance coil quality.The higher the Q value, the better the quality of inductors in general, especially color ring inductors.In general, core coils or multiple thick coils can be used to increase the Q value of inductor coils.

4. Allowable error:

The percentage of the difference between the actual and nominal value of the inductance divided by the nominal value.

5 Rated current:

The rated current is the maximum current allowed to pass through the inductor during normal operation.If the operating current exceeds the rated current, the performance parameters of the chip inductor may change due to heat, or even burn out due to overcurrent.

The above five points are the parameters of the SMT inductor. We hope to help you. We are an inductor manufacturer from China — Getwell Electronics. Welcome to consult!

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