Making Homes More Comfortable and Safe in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

March 06 03:15 2021
Making Homes More Comfortable and Safe in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

Jay Gubrud, President of Gubrud’s Electrical Services
Gubrud’s Electrical Services is not only looking out for the safety of those with older homes, but for all homes.

By Jim Kedge

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – Home owners, have you ever noticed the lights in your house flickering when you turn your microwave on or use your vacuum? Do you find yourself having to reset circuit breakers that trip for unknown reasons? According to Jay Gubrud, President of Gubrud’s Electrical Services, these are signs you could have unsafe wiring that needs updating.

“We have a lot of older homes in the Sacramento and surrounding areas,” says Jay, “and we regularly get calls from people concerned about their house wiring and its safety.” With ever-changing regulations and increasing demands for electrical power, many older homes’ electrical systems are outmatched by today’s appliances and devices. Older homes often have fewer outlets and a lower tolerance for high-powered items.

“If you’re constantly blowing your fuses, or resetting circuit breakers it could mean you have too much power going through a particular breaker,” explains Jay. “Your power shuts off because your system senses too much electricity trying to move through that circuit.” Overloaded circuits and old, frayed wires are a leading cause of dangerous fires in the home.

“Electrical connections wear out over time,” says Jay. Worn connections and wiring are difficult to notice because they are out of sight. “Most homeowners will never see an old wire because they’re hidden away behind our walls and in our ceilings,” Jay states. One of the best ways to discover wiring concerns, other than waiting until something goes wrong, which is often too late, is to get a professional inspection.

“We will never look for things to fix in a home just to increase the price or add work to a job,” explains Jay. He explained that too many companies today depend on creating fear about everything that could go wrong rather than educating their customers of their options, and giving them power in the process. “I love to share my knowledge with my clients,” Gubrud states. “My team and I can help put them in the driver’s seat when it comes to the future and safety of their house and family.”

Gubrud’s Electrical Services prides itself in providing the best service with high integrity and a commitment to education and honesty. “We aren’t looking to create busy work for ourselves,” Jay says. With the number of older homes in the Greater Sacramento area, Jay says there are plenty of customers in need of inspections and upgrades. “We want to do the best job possible so our customers can use Gubrud’s as a benchmark for what excellent service and value looks like.”

Not only does Gubrud’s Electrical Services help homes become more code compliant, but they also offer modern upgrades for safety, convenience, and comfort. “Our most popular upgrades right now are wall outlets with USB charging stations and smart home technology,” says Jay. The company also specializes in surge protection, energy-efficient lighting, house and attic fans, panel upgrades, home rewires, and backup generators.

“However we can make your home comfortable and safe, we are proud to serve our clients with the best we have to give,” says Jay Gubrud.

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