Michael Mastecki Produced The Hottest Track of 2021

March 06 02:33 2021
Michael Mastecki Produced The Hottest Track of 2021

Michael Mastecki Produced The Hottest Track of 2021

On February 19th, 2021, a new track was produced by Mastecki Records music producer, Michael Mastecki. This new track “Wreck” is a one of a kind experience that is destined to make it onto playlists across the country. This is one upcoming music producer everyone is going to want to work with.

New Song “Wreck” Is March’s Top Track

Everyday millions of people are tuning into Spotify to find new music to add to their playlists. With so much talent out there, it’s really difficult for an artist to stand out. In this track, Michael brings all the right elements to make the song stand out, yet keep it catchy enough to make people want to put it on repeat.

Wreck balances out the perfect mix of alternative, rap and rock; a Linkin Park x Secondhand Serenade kinda vibe, singing and rapping. Michael makes sure the beat is on point throughout the whole track. He put a lot of thought into the production of his song. The deeper meaning in the lyrics really makes people stop and listen to his story about a man with a broken heart who have been through alot. The story cover is: “A wrecked city as a metaphor for a person with a broken heart”.

The high-quality production of this song about changes really shows in the work. It was created during a live session with some live musicians and recorded tracks. This song has all the live guitars/drums stems. Michael hired musicians to play Live drums and Live guitars! He takes his craft very seriously and with more tracks like this people can expect to see his name as a top producer in the future. This is one alternative artist that is going to make waves in the industry. 

Taking Over Playlists Everywhere

2021 has started off on a high note for Michael. His produced music track Wreck has only been out a few days and is already getting people talking. Fans of rap and rock music everywhere are getting excited over this track, and people are asking for more. Michael has always appreciated good music and strives to only produce great tracks to his fans.

While Michael is still new to the industry, he’s already turning heads. His hard work and superior talents are turning heads and fans can’t wait to hear more. His style and persistence in his art are going to take him to big places. If there’s one thing Michael is known for, it’s his intuition for good music.

His new music production hit, Wreck, has music fans interested in hearing more of his beats. To stay up to date with all of Michael’s music endeavors, make sure to follow his Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/mastecki_records/

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