BotEyes telepresence robots seek to revolutionize remote work, education

March 06 02:19 2021
BotEyes telepresence robots seek to revolutionize remote work, education

With more than half of the global workforce turning to virtual platforms due to the threat of the pandemic, BotEyes telepresence robots have unveiled new changes to their products to help people across the world work and learn remotely with ease.

“We’ve made nice changes to the BotEyes telepresence robots to help our customers keep pace easily with remote work and operations. The robot now has obstacle avoidance sensors and autodocking system (works from 1.0 meters distance between robot and docking station), based on image recognition techniques. It is much taller at 56 inches, shakes its head much less, and the package or parcel is much stronger,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

The BotEyes telepresence robot enables users to have a remote presence or telepresence. Users can visit their office, clinic, or home while away but still keep a strong presence. 

The BotEyes – Pad requires users to supply their own tablet or smartphone, which they will attach to the robot to act as its eyes, ears, and mouth. The tablet can tilt a total of 160 degrees to provide plenty of vision below or above the actual height of the robot.  

Any tablet or smartphone that are 8-11 inches can be attached to the BotEyes, whether it has an Android, iOS (Apple), or Windows operating system.  The video resolution depends much on the processor power and RAM capacity of the device.

Users can also use any video conferencing app for the video communication. A few options include Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook’s Messenger app, Google Duo, Line, and FaceTime. 

For PC users, they can use any web browser to control the BotEyes robot. They can navigate by using either the arrows on their keyboard or mouse.

“Remote operation using telepresence is the main application of this type of robots. Two scenarios are most demanded by the market. First is when an employee working at home or on a business trip is able to participate in the life of the company and works exactly as if he/she is in the office. The second one is when the head of the company, which has several offices, performs management functions by communicating with the staff or other managers remotely, with the help of a robot,” the representative added.

The BotEyes telepresence robots are also seen to be useful in remote education, especially when the student is sick or has some disabilities.

The BotEyes telepresence robots were designed and mass-produced in the Research Laboratory of Design Automation, Ltd. (RLDA, Ltd.) in Russia. 

The company said it delivers the telepresence robots to any country using UPS post service. Delivery time and handling take about 10 working days after the payment is successfully processed. This includes order handling and customs clearance time (5 days) and UPS post service shipment (5 days).

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