23-year-old professional writer, Deja Tyla Hansen, has helped hundreds

March 05 22:51 2021

OCEANSIDE, Ca. – Due to the COVID-19 virus, the last year has been filled with hardships for many. For some individuals like Deja Tyla Hansen though, the pandemic has been an inspiration to create something new. Motivated by the events that unraveled from COVID-19, Deja Tyla decided to start a business that would help professionals refine their skills to either build their own small business or land their dream job. The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of society and has caused businesses and services to move almost entirely online. Now, individuals must also adapt to this societal shift if they hope to find success. That’s where Deja Tyla comes in.

Today, Deja Tyla is the 23-year-old owner of Tyla’s Writing Services. Founded in July 2020, Tyla’s Writing Services has helped more than 200+ professionals and small business owners meet their goals by harnessing the power of mindset and words. Through her consulting and writing services, she’s helped individuals overcome imposter syndrome, navigate the complexities of writing, SEO, ATS, and technology to realize their full potential.

Tyla’s Writing Services offers professional career services like interview preparation, cover letter writing, resume writing, career coaching, and LinkedIn profile optimization. For businesses, Tyla’s Writing Services provides consulting, content creation, copywriting, proofreading, SEO-optimization, and much more. These services have benefitted individuals and businesses alike, leading to career acquisitions, project funding, and, ultimately, growth for everyone involved. Clients have come from all around the world to use Tyla’s Writing Services. Working with a wide variety of people has contributed to a knowledgeable, experienced, and diverse business model, which typically takes years to develop.

The three main principles that guide Tyla’s Writing Services are education, integrity, and quality. Clients learn about new resources and tools as soon as they become available, equipping them to develop themselves or their business even further. Tyla’s Writing Services prides itself on being open, honest, and available for clients and consumers—they always come first. Learning is the foundation of the company and the latest developments in the industry are always taken into consideration and utilized. Since writing is the core of the business, Tyla’s Writing Services consistently looks for new ways to draw people in through the creative use of words.

“You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention,” said Deja Tyla. “Therefore, you need to develop content that makes them want to stay and keep reading more.”

To keep content original and people entertained, Deja Tyla recommends the following tips:

  1. Get to the point. People get bored very easily, especially in the age of technology, so writers need to convince them that what they’re reading is worth their time and attention. Using stories, examples, and hooking their audience right at the beginning will ensure they stay engaged.
  2. Use emotion. Emotions are powerful, and something human beings tend to have in common. If writers use emotional appeals, the intended audience will be more likely to be intrigued by the content and continue reading on.
  3. Find a specific audience. The key to creating moving content is appealing to a specific, smaller group of people. Once a writer knows who they want to be reading their blogs or who will be looking over their business proposal, they can alter their content to fit that person’s expectations and interests.

Besides helping others meet their professional goals, Deja Tyla is the author of “Habits: An Analysis of the Habits of Powerful & Successful People,” which can be found on Amazon and other major retailers. This book aims to help people develop the skills, habits, and lifestyle needed to find success in their chosen field. It is an entertaining, simple guide for anyone still searching for their big break.

Tyla’s Writing Services is a testament to what can be accomplished even during times of hardship. The business serves as a reminder that opportunities are always available to those who seek them out and that no one is ever too young to start their own business venture.

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