Spearheading Group iCrushGoals Corp Takes on Campaign theme ‘Choose to Challenge’ for International Women’s Day 2021

March 05 22:42 2021
iCrushGoals is a group dedicated to goal attainment, empowerment, and most importantly celebrating oneself even through the smallest wins in life.

United States – A group of three empowered women Lisa George, Taneisha Ramsay, and Sandra Chaney redefine chasing goals and rising to the challenge while facing difficulties. As part of the iCrushGoals group, these ICGions are crushing their goals despite the condition of the pandemic-ridden world.

This International Women’s Day, this trinity of self-empowerment wants to shed light on the theme “Choose to Challenge” and reflect on it through their actions and achievements in the present. Their mantra is to always celebrate oneself, even if it is something small because a small win paves the way for an epic win to come through. As members of the iCrushGoals Universe, which is a motivational group in its true essence, these individuals are encouraged to be free and shameless with the celebration of their attained goals, regardless of how big or small. It is also encouraged to sustain the recognition and acceptance of their respective inner strength while allowing room for grace along their journey.

Lisa, Taneisha, and Sandra, each with their respective stories have soared through with unwavering faith and unmatched focus. Breaking barriers since long before the pandemic, Lisa triumphed through suicidal ideation, while Taneisha battled through domestic violence. Sandra rose above homelessness, an abusive marriage, and physical assault. All three survivors had their lows, only to use their negative energy for a positive change.

Today, Lisa is a staunch advocate for raising awareness about the need for the world to become involved while Taneisha co-authored The SHIFT! which was published on February 19th. Sandra, Taneisha, and Lisa have been chosen to speak at the Les Brown’s Power Voice Women Summit on Saturday, March 6th, 2021. Power Voice Summits are incredibly popular with an average of 45,000 viewers that tune in for the show. Furthermore, Lisa stepped into the role of a creator and producer of the Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU! Female Empowerment Tour and is also releasing her take on what it looks like during challenging times. The ladies of the tour are writing an anthology that is going to be released in June 2021:

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About the Ladies:

Lisa George

Lisa, the founder of iCrushGoals Corp., is currently learning 13 languages, and is a publicist, certified Les Brown motivational speaker, entrepreneur, mom, poet, philanthropist, and the creator and producer of the Celebrating Life, Celebrating YOU! She is releasing her first book this month.

Taneisha Ramsay

Taneisha is a two-time bestselling author, transformation speaker, coach, mother, and entrepreneur. She recently spoke at the Comeback Champions Summit as well as the Woman on Fire 2021 Conference.

Sandra Chaney

Sandra is a seven-time bestselling author, certified empowerment coach, certified Les Brown motivational speaker, mother, and nonprofit consultant. She recently released a motivational T-shirt line and will be releasing a candle and spa products line in 2021.

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