Metro China and Dmall jointly build retail alliance cloud services in the digital era

March 05 22:33 2021

‘It is great since the system automatically matched the best price.’ Said by the cashier at the Shanghai Putuo store of Metro Supermarket, who was helping customers to check out.

There are three simple steps to check out for customers, scanning product barcodes, inputting prices into the POS system, and checking out respectively. But there is a complicated check-out logic hidden behind the simple process. Actually, stores often offer multiple discounts at the same time. The original POS system of Metro only listed each discount on the panel and did not calculate the best price automatically when customers paid. Cashiers had to calculate the price by themselves. It is unsure for cashiers and the system that customers enjoy the best price. And now this problem has been solved by a new upgraded system.

Recently, the DPOS system, which is a part of retail alliance cloud services built by Dmall, was implemented in 97 supermarkets. As the technology partners of Metro China, Dmall spent 5 months building, training, and launching the system under the cooperation of Metro IT, Finance, Headquarters operations, nationwide supermarkets, Metro University, and other departments. It has laid the foundation for switching the Dmall OS system in 2021.

Since Dmall has become a technology partner of Metro China, they have launched comprehensive cooperation on operations of digital retail system. They have built retail alliance cloud services in the digital era together. Wang Zhong, a general manager of Metro China Information Technology Department, elaborated the following views, including the latest progress in cooperation, the changes taken place in Metro China, and the key points of cooperation in 2021.

During digital transformation, there were lots of achievements from the cooperation between Metro China and Dmall, including digital online operation, store integrated logistics, in-store Smart LoT solutions, the whole digital process of stores management, the supplier procurement platform with the electronic signature application, food delivery, as well as welfare and gifting platform upgrading, etc.

Two companies have finished the switching of commodity, membership, trading, promotional, and coupon systems, as well as the upgrade of the DPOS system. Also, there were two experimental cities, Beijing and Shanghai, to try online operations of the O2O business and the process of store logistics. Various operation modes were tried and explored to accumulate experience for late promotion.

The changes have been taken place in Metro China after the cooperation. Take the DPOS system as an example, for supermarket operations, there is great progress on user-friendliness and convenience of the new system by developing new functions such as one-click return, quick labeling, automatic default of the most discounted coupon, etc. It could greatly simplify the daily operations of cashiers in supermarkets and improve checkout efficiency. For customers, the new system not only provides a variety of payment choices but also reminds customers of the usable coupons and simplifies return methods. It efficiently reduces customer complaints and improves customer satisfaction after the system went live.

Except for the DPOS cashier system, the Self-service cashier was developed around the country. As of early December 2020, all Metro stores across the country have been equipped with Dmall self-service cashiers, which has improved the convenience of customer checkout.

Meanwhile, Metro China has created the PLUS membership which integrates online and offline members. And the O2O business has also been opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, Changsha, Xian Metro supermarkets. Customers could enjoy the home delivery service at their homes. With the promotion of the business, more stores will gradually provide home delivery services for customers with more convenient shopping experiences in the future.

There were some key points of business in 2021. In the next stage, Metro China and Dmall will focus on building a set of products for Metro’s B2B business, covering the FSD ordering platform, store FSD distribution scheduling system, an upgraded version of the welfare and gifting platform, store order delivery system, customer visit tools, and warehouse WMS switching, etc.

For example, Metro welfare and gifting platform grants credits to the client company. The credits are shown as staff points on the platform. If the welfare and gifting platform is connected to the DPOS system, when the staffs of client companies show the cards granted by Metro during checkout, the DPOS system would deduct the credits, and the platform would deduct staff points. It could greatly reduce the workload of cashiers through a system intelligent process.

Metro China plans to gradually launch pilots of these products. The store management system is also being built intensively, which will be piloted in May. The cooperation between Metro China and Dmall is in process. Related projects will be gradually land in the year as planned. It is expected that the overall Dmall OS system switching will be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

About Dmall:

Founded in 2015, Dmall is an Omni-channel Retail Digital Platform to achieving retailers’ comprehensive digital transformation and providing them with joint cloud services based on Dmall OS and MiniOS systems. With 15 major systems and 800 sub-systems, Dmall OS is developed to offer complete digital solutions that could digitally upgrade all aspects of retail industry chains; MiniOS is custom-built for convenience stores. With integrated retail and cloud-optimized store-to-home Omni-channel service, Dmall contributes to high efficiency for enterprises and a better experience for consumers.

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