Research and Product Innovation Company launches range of products for the ‘new normal’

March 05 21:24 2021
D3-Science is a research and product innovation company housing a group of collaborators that have developed products to be used prophylactically for protection against the coronavirus.

Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States – D3-Science has recently introduced their line of SafeSweet and SafeSpray antiviral products. They have recognized the fear and uncertainty that has crippled America, bankrupted untold numbers of small and mid-sized businesses, and has crushed many entrepreneurial dreams. As a company, they stand behind their products, through extensive literature review, numerous rounds of laboratory testing, and limited testing in human subjects, they believe that the SafeSweet and SafeSpray line of products can impact the ability of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from binding to oral and nasal epithelial tissue. All products are vegan, organic, antiviral, and non-GMO and made in the USA.

D3-Science has formulated their products with compounds the FDA has designated as generally regarded as safe. SafeSweet products include a hard candy delivery system. SafeSpray includes both an oral and nasal spray. Through in vitro testing with human oral epithelial cells, they have confirmed a clinically significant reduction in the binding of spike protein with the human cells. By blocking these main sites of viral-cell interactions they believe that their products will reduce the ability of covid-19 to enter the human cell and replicate.  The compounds found in their product range effectively bind to and block the main fusion sites of the virus.

Their product range includes SafeSpray Nasal Spray, SafeSpray Oral Spray, SafeSkin Hand Cream, and SafeSweet Hard Candy Lozenges. D3-Science recommends using the products at least twice a day and more frequently if one is out mixing and mingling with others. These are the kind of products that people can carry easily in their bags as they are small in size. The main goal of this product range is to help people adjust to the new normal after the pandemic. Even though the pandemic is not over, slowly and gradually people are starting to get back to their lives, but there is no doubt that things cannot be like they were before even after the vaccines. Precautions and safety are absolutely necessary which is why these products are crucial. Through the use of these antiviral products, not only will people be keeping themselves safe but also protecting those around them. They are great especially for people who go back to work or school and cannot isolate themselves anymore.

The management at D3-Science believes that the distribution of a vaccine could be extensive and experts say that even with vaccines, people will still need to wear masks, socially distance, and continue with regular hand washing making their product range a legitimate choice for consumers. Their testing not only confirms the existing literature but allows the procedures to validate raw materials, providing standardization in a market plagued with substandard and untested products.

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