Celia Ghaddar – The Smallest Lebanese Fashionista In The Arab Countries & Region

March 05 15:01 2021
Celia Ghaddar - The Smallest Lebanese Fashionista In The Arab Countries & Region

Celia, The Lebanese New Fashion Version!
Celia Ghaddar, the Lebanese new lifestyle version coming soon. With the new collaboration with PATPAT

The Lebanese fashion blogger and model Celia Ghaddar is one of 10 babies selected to represent the brand.

Celia Ghaddar has officially joined the PATPAT family as a brand ambassador; the 2-years-old social media sensation revealed on her Instagram account that she’s working with PATPAT company along with 9 other notable personalities.

“Happy to announce that I’m the official worldwide face of PATPAT,” Celia shares in a recent caption with her followers, joining other notable personalities as the brand’s newest faces.

Hailing from all four corners of the globe these 10 babies are all taking part in the social media, “Sharing Holiday Emotions,” where they each share special memories in celebration of the beginning of their journey as PatPat’s Faces of Femininity.

This new collaboration with PATPAT is another success recorded in the Lebanese fashionista baby Celia Ghaddar career, to be added to her ajenda in only 2 years. Celia got another new rank in digital media channels after being a new face of PatPat.

Dalida Khalil has announced on her media that the the lebanese little fashionista Celia will be having a bright future if she will continue in the same influence.

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