Alaska Dog Works Developed a Program That Trains Service Dogs to Meet Their Handler’s Specific Needs

March 05 17:58 2021
Alaskan company’s unique Lead Dog Service Dog Training Program trains dogs for autistic, mobility, psychiatric, and PTSD service work.

There are multiple benefits to having a service dog. Aside from assistance on everyday tasks and aiding mobility, service dogs provide companionship and emotional support. Bringing a service dog into one’s life is a big decision for any family or individual. Alaska Dog Works encourages families considering getting a service dog to do their research before making a decision. For this reason, they provide a lot of helpful information on the matter on their website.

Alaska Dog Works is a company that offers various dog training services. They have created a unique program called Lead Dog Service Dog Training Program, which trains dogs for autistic, mobility, psychiatric, and PTSD service work. Developed for more than 20 years, the Lead Dog Program has trained and placed 35 dogs throughout North America, as well as New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, and South Korea.

The company uses a balanced approach to dog training. “We understand that our service dog training program is much different than others around the country. In more than 20 years we have developed a program that works best for the needs of our clients,” says founder and trainer Robert Forto.

Alaska Dog Works has created different program outlines for specific needs. It takes approximately two years to train and certify a dog to their standards. The program is designed to mimic a college class. Dogs move up from Undergraduate to Senior class until they graduate and become certified service dogs. Classes are approximately 20 to 30 weeks in length. During each class, the client will be working with their team in private lessons, as well as public outings. At the end of each class, the dogs are tested and moved to the next phase of the training program.

Aside from service and therapy dog training, they also have a program where warriors help other warriors, and a brand new program called ‘The Pack.’ The Pack involves working with college students to provide them with a unique opportunity to raise service dogs. Scholarships are also available for soldiers and other individuals. The company also offers services such as protection dog training, dog training business consulting, and many others.

Alaska Dog Works’ website outlines the steps to getting started on their service dog training program, as well as all of the requirements. Free puppy or dog evaluations can also be done over the phone, which can be conveniently scheduled online.

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