Tigerway’s Online Coaching Program Now Serves Students All Across the U.S.

March 05 17:52 2021
Students across all of the U.S. can now join Tigerway’s coaching program, as its influence reaches more students across the country.

Tigerway, a Boston-based academic and personal growth coaching program for college admissions, announces that its online program now serves students from across the U.S., beyond its Northeast base. The expansion is the result of the program helping more than 3,000 students attain academic and personal growth through its outstanding mentoring program since 2013.

Tigerway is well-known for its programs specializing in high-energy group SAT coaching and college consulting. The program’s famous approach teaches students discipline and critical thinking skills that they will apply in 21st century careers. After students finish the program, they are equipped with skills that they use for their futures, regardless of their chosen professional paths.

Tigerway’s coaching program now helps a large number of students across the East Coast, and the program is actively increasing its students’ representation across the West Coast as well. Now with a wider reach, the team hopes to help more students understand their strengths and weaknesses and mentor them as they plan to apply to selective universities and pursue their academic passions.

“Everybody has one shot in life to find success in the college admissions process,” says Larry Cheung, founder and head coach of Tigerway. “Let us help you find success by upgrading all your skill sets.”

Larry Cheung, CFA is a former Wall Street investment strategist who takes his finance background and applies it to the college consulting/academic prep industry. He believes that teaching college-bound students critical thinking will help them improve their academic performance in college and prosper in their future professions.

With almost a decade in its industry, Tigerway has played a crucial role in its students’ lives. Through its mentoring, students are achieving high SAT scores and GPAs and are being accepted into their top colleges with scholarships. A pioneer in the new-age way of approaching academics, Tigerway has been aware that it carries a big responsibility in making sure that the next generation can have better opportunities. The team follows a culture of doing whatever it takes to help the younger generation achieve a brighter future.

Now with its online program having the capability of reaching a wider audience, Tigerway’s popular programs will continue to connect college consulting and SAT coaching content to real-life applications and skills that will be useful in obtaining college degrees from top colleges as well as in pursuing 21st-century careers.

About Tigerway

Tigerway is a pioneer in a new-age way of approaching academics. It offers coaching programs for the youth that promote academic and personal growth. Tigerway’s specialized programs help students improve their discipline and skill sets that are crucial in achieving better opportunities in the future.

To experience Tigerway’s coaching methodology and to learn more about its coaching program offers, visit https://www.tigerwayprep.com for a free training.

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