The Ultimate Lead Guitar Light Bulb Moment

March 05 14:12 2021
Free Guitar Course Reveals How The “7 Feelings” Open Up A Whole New World On Guitar, Allowing Ordinary, Everyday Guitar Players To Skip Guitar Theory, And Play Freely (By Feel) Without Thinking.

Jonathan Boyd always dreamed of being a good guitar player. But not long after he started, he hit a wall with his progress.

He’d learned a few bits and pieces of songs, but got tired of playing the same old stuff. Yet when he sat down to practice, he got even more confused and frustrated than when he started. He was stuck in a rut. And even though he’d learned a lot about guitar, he could never really “put it all together.”

“Not to mention”, he said, “It didn’t help when he saw other guitar players who could march up and down the neck without thinking.”

He thought to himself: How do they make it look so easy? What was he missing? Was there something wrong with his fingers? Was he just not smart enough to grasp it? Or was he simply too old to learn guitar? Jonathan was about to put his guitar down for good.

But then a University Jazz Instructor told him about the “7 feelings.” And the light bulb came on. This new insight opened up a whole new world for Jonathan on the fretboard. Where he could confidently explore the neck – without having to think about what he played. It allowed him to skip over the boring and confusing guitar theory that he said “always made him feel stupid.”

He said he literally “came to tears, because he had always wanted to play guitar like that, but never thought it was possible for him.” That’s when he knew he had to share it.

Years later, Jonathan taught this new method at his own private Guitar School, where students who had been playing for up to 55 years were amazed by how they could begin playing across the neck in a few short weeks.

Since they’d never seen his unique approach, students encouraged Jonathan to share this new method online. But he declined. Because he didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Yet after seeing how many people this new method helped, Jonathan realized he got so much more joy and fulfillment from helping others “see the light” than from playing guitar himself.

That’s why he knew in his heart he had to find a way to help more people. And that’s how Breakthrough Guitar – Jonathan’s online guitar training platform – was born.

Today, Breakthrough Guitar has helped over 350,000 guitar players in 21 countries across 6 continents. Where students routinely say they learn more in two or three weeks than in the previous four or five decades.

Fortunately, in effort to help more guitar players to play guitar the way they always wanted, Jonathan has created a short, free guitar course for anyone who wants to reach the next level. This free course is called “The Ultimate Lead Guitar Lightbulb Moment.”

For guitar players who want to have this “AHA” for themselves, they can visit the following page to get The Ultimate Lead Guitar Lightbulb Moment course for free:

About Jonathan Boyd

Jonathan Boyd is the Founder of Breakthrough Guitar, a professional musician, and expert guitar instructor. Through his unique methods, Jonathan has helped tens of thousands of guitar players ranging from a Broadway performer, to Music Theory Graduates, and Guitarists with up to 70 years of experience.

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