Action Jackson Translates His Vision Into Action By Establishing Soul City Studios

March 05 14:03 2021
Action Jackson Translates His Vision Into Action By Establishing Soul City Studios

Needless to say, changing the status quo and starting anew are daunting tasks to fulfill. While many trailblazers and industry powerhouses succeeded in their initiatives of becoming vessels of transformation, they admitted that materializing their visions was quite challenging, mostly when it involved catalyzing change. However, there are a number of individuals who go over and beyond just to lobby transformation and propel societal growth. Hand in hand with his purpose-driven endeavors and passionate pursuits, Marseil “Action” Jackson, an esteemed entrepreneur, changemaker, and philanthropist, is making waves across several industries with his innovative mindset and trailblazing spirit.

Needless to say, the business landscape is widely recognized for its ability to generate wealth and increase fame. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs and aspiring hopefuls set their goals along the lines of cementing one’s reputation while developing the capacity to engender fame and income. Although there is nothing wrong with setting these desirable goals, there are changemakers who center their pursuits in more philanthropic endeavors. Action Jackson is one such power player whose tenacity is dedicated to helping others thrive and get ahead. 

32 years ago, Action Jackson was born in the city known for its Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, jazz music, and exquisite architectural structures. Chicago, Illinois, is considered home to a go-getting individual whose knack for catalyzing change has been well-embedded in his system since time immemorial. Ever since Action Jackson was fifteen years old, he has been making a mark in the commercial space with his exceptional eye for success and entrepreneurial prowess. His first business venture garnered a massive triumph that he was able to create a non-profit organization called “The Jackson Action Coalition” at nineteen. Action Jackson then became the CEO of Dream Team Enterprises, a medical supply distribution company.

As can be gleaned from his journey, Action Jackson has indeed set the bar high among his competitors in various sectors. His grit, compassion, and business acumen paved the way for numerous opportunities, which shaped his career to fit into the molds of success. As a result, this entrepreneurial powerhouse has garnered much traction in the commercial space, which ultimately led him to receive countless awards for his brilliance and benevolence, such as the Ampy Award for Business, ComEd Neighborhood Hero Award, Westside NAACP Freedom Fund Community Action Honoree Award, and many more.

Driven to ignite more positive changes across the state, Action Jackson made it his mission to contribute much to the African-American community by helping to build the Soul City Corridor, an African-American business district located on Chicago Ave. in the Austin Community of Chicago

Occupying along the southeast corner of the intersection between W. Chicago Avenue and N. Mayfield Avenue lies the site of Action Jackson’s vision of bringing light to what used to be a dark cornerSoul City Studios will house a wellness lounge, an art gallery, and a full-service podcast and recording studios where they will broadcast the Brunch Bunch, where he is the co-host, live on iHeart Radio, and right from Soul City.

As Action Jackson continues to take the reins of his passion project, he plans to open more doors of opportunities for African-Americans around the world. He also hopes to inspire the next generation of aspiring hopefuls to chase their dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem.

To know more about Action Jackson, you may visit his website.

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