Local Travel Trips for 2021 with Matthew Keezer

March 05 12:57 2021

Seasoned travel advisor, Matthew Keezer, points out that as we enter a post-COVID world, the focus on travel has taken the front seat when it comes to the concerns of many individuals. Questions have naturally been asked such as; the need for quarantine if one is planning an international trip. What will the extra cost be? What COVID-19 tests will be required and will I need to be vaccinated prior to my trip?

These and other concerns, such as face mask rules, lay heavily on the minds of those who are anxious to get out of their current confining situation and spread their wings (so to speak) once again. The good news is that post-COVID travel will actually be a friendly experience for those who have made the effort to consult those who are knowledgeable in the travel industry. In actuality, this is the primary reason why travellers are seeking the advice of experts, such as Matthew Keezer, as opposed to booking the cheapest flights that are available at “discount” online websites. In recent times, it has become obvious that booking “discount” tickets don’t present the advantages that having an expert help you with planning a trip and thus don’t really justify the few dollars that might be saved.

What important trends are we currently seeing when it comes to local travel?

It can easily be said that many potential travelers have been experiencing severe “cabin fever” as a result of being confined to their homes and local areas. When asked about this phenomenon, Matthew Keezer has cited the fact that travel, in general, is part of our psychological makeup. In effect, we are just not designed to be relegated to a small, local area.

But, in addition, there are those who are still a bit concerned when it comes to booking trips internationally. As a result, Matthew Keezer has pointed out the current travel bookings that are designed to take advantage of local tourist spots in the U.S. Some of these destinations include:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Los Angeles, California

And a number of other traditional travel locations that don’t require leaving the country. Some of the main advantages that Matthew Keezer has talked about concerns the fact that once crowded tourist locations have now become far less crowded than before. This means that visitors can expect a far more pleasurable vacation than in the past.

Other post-pandemic travel advantages include the travel industry’s new focus on advanced technical means of expediting travel. Some of the most outstanding advantages include those destinations that have shifted over to contact-less check-in options. Therefore, experts have pointed out that now is the time to start booking your long-awaited vacations.  

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