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March 05 07:16 2021
They say that business never sleeps. This has never been truer than with online businesses. Doing an online business means tapping into a global market, conduct 24/7 operations, and having the ability to serve large volume transactions. The internet also offers ease of entry. Never has it been easier and cheaper to create, publish, and operate one’s website on the internet.

The benefits also extend to business competition. The internet can be crowded even with the most niche of industries. For consumers, comparing and switching between different product retailers or service providers can be done in a matter of a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Competition at this level can lead to shrinking profit margins and reliance on round-the-clock operations and high-volume transactions.
In short, when every opportunity of the sale counts, online businesses rely on their websites being useful every minute. Not only should a website be accessible all the time but also smoothly operating as expected. Keeping an eye on one’s website at all times is impractical if not impossible, especially considering one has to mind all other aspects of running an online business.
Therefore, the solution is as much a digital service as websites themselves. Website monitoring services are what online businesses need to monitor and keep track of their website, even if it is done every minute of every day. And no discussion of website monitoring can be done without exploring the smart offerings of WebsiteSuccess.Tools.
WebsiteSuccess.Tools sees itself as a digital business solutions provider and currently offers a line of website monitoring services. Most popular of which is their line of Uptime Monitoring Service.
WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ Uptime Monitoring Service is what online businesses probably need the most when it comes to on-hand website diagnostics and maintenance. A bit of technical explanation is required to appreciate the value of this service.
A website is “up” when it is accessible and when it functions and operates well. The time a website is up is called uptime. Conversely, downtime is when website services are not available and this is a big problem for businesses.
Website hosting servers (which are the computer systems that run and publish website “programs”) offer a minimum of 99.9% uptime reliability. This means the chance of downtime happening is just 0.1% which seems like good odds for a business. But if you compute those odds considering a year-long service (60 minutes x 24 hours x 365 days), it translates to the chance of an 8-hour long service outage happening.
How bad is an 8-hour outage? One can simply divide a website’s monthly earnings by the number of hours in a month to get a direct estimate. In terms of industry averages, experts put it between $900 to $17,000 loss per minute with a mean average of $8,800. An entire 8-hour outage could cost an online business about $70,000.
Now that the risk of downtime has been fleshed out and the need to address the risk determined, how does WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ uptime monitoring help? Uptime monitoring routinely tests a website’s hosting server and network services. It uses multiple types of tests, collects and analyzes the test data, and determines if there is a serious service issue. It performs these tests regularly, down to minute-by-minute intervals. The analysis takes seconds but once it determines an issue, an automatic system alert is sent to the online business owners.
And that’s the beauty of uptime monitoring. It allows online business owners to respond instantly to service outages. What also important is how uptime monitoring works conveniently and automatically. There is almost no setup required and monitoring configurations can be left as it is. After which, the monitoring works quietly but reliably in the background, allowing an online business owner to mind all the other important aspects of his/her business.
WebsiteSuccess.Tools also offers more specialized types of website monitoring. They offer Page-Speed Monitoring that takes a look at a website’s performance statistics. This is useful for those who need to “tune up” the programming of their website and ensure its optimal operations. WebsiteSuccess.Tools also offers both Synthetic and Real-Time User Monitoring which tests and analyzes the functionalities of a website. This is particularly useful for web-developers in their website design and also for marketing experts in their analysis.

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