Innovative new Upphöja Provides Self-Elevated Extremity Support for Recovery

March 05 12:06 2021

Fort Wayne, IN – March 5, 2021 – Millions of people throughout the U.S. require elevation of their legs or arms due to a wide range of health issues and concerns. To accommodate that need in a convenient and affordable way, Dave Therkildsen, Steve Hughes, and Linda Therkildsen, D.O., created the Upphöja – a unique new air cushion for home use.

“I was visiting patients in their homes and realized that 95 percent of them had to keep their legs elevated,” said Linda Therkilden.

The Upphöja enables individuals to elevate the legs or arms in a comfortable and convenient way. It promotes independence, doesn’t require the assistance of an in-house caregiver, and is doctor-approved. Highly portable, it’s easily moved from room to room, can be taken on trips, and anchors to a chair to accommodate multiple needs. It comes with a remote control, folds for easy storage, and the company offers an installment payment plan.

Designed for comfort, the Upphöja underwent four years of trials, testing and is proven able to withstand rigorous usage. It can be used in a sitting or reclining position and incorporates a high-capacity pump for fast inflation or deflation. The company offers a money back guarantee.

The Upphöja can be used for an extensive number of conditions. It helps shorten recovery times from slip-and-fall accidents to sports injuries. It’s beneficial for seniors and those with diabetes that suffer with edema, along with people diagnosed with varicose veins, phlebitis, and deep vein thrombosis.

It’s equally applicable for pregnant women. Swelling of the feet and legs, particularly in the last trimester of pregnancy, is common. The Upphöja elevates the feet to improve circulation and benefits the vascular system. Sitting or standing for long periods of time at work allows fluid to pool in legs. It’s a problem that can be alleviated with Upphöja.

Piles of pillows and blankets are insufficient and inhibits mobility. The Upphöja removes the challenges of obtaining the correct level of elevated support. Upphöja is an innovative air cushion specially designed to provide the support needed for injuries and symptoms of conditions encompassing edema and renal insufficiency to HUV and Crohn’s disease.

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About Upphöja

With Upphöja, people can elevate their legs or other extremities while being able to sit or lay down comfortably anywherethey are to promote physical wellness ad healing. It’s applicable for leg swelling, post-surgery recovery, pregnancy, sports injuries, or to help a person kick back and relax.

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