Mentaspace Announces Mindfulness-Based Stress Release Online Course Backed By Science

March 05 07:04 2021
Teaches students on mental health challenges using modern technology that make it easier to access practical mental health education at an affordable price

We live in a very challenging time in human history where people worry about almost everything. Worry leads to stress, depression, and anxiety that reduces productivity and puts the future at risk.  

Mentaspace announces an online course created to help people manage stress better in their daily life, deal with their emotions, and attain emotional freedom and true happiness.  

The mindfulness-based stress release course includes daily video coaching, daily workbook assignments, video messages, and live question and answer session with Sherina, a licensed therapist and transformational coach. The course is available at a giveaway price, with lifetime access.  

To learn more or enroll in the course, please visit here 

Mentaspace’s vision is to democratize access to mental health education and support. They have created the leading mental health platform that brings scalable content from mental health professionals to consumers and retains them by combining AI personalization with personal connections.   

As life gets more challenging, people will need easy and fast access to mental health resources they can use. Such resources must be tested and trusted to deliver a practical solution within a short time. The mindfulness course by mentaspace is one of the most powerful and trusted mental health resources anyone can find out there. It is loaded with lessons on how to use simple methods to manage stress and depression effectively.  

Students will also learn about simple meditation and breathing techniques, letting go of irrelevant emotions and thoughts, stress relief techniques, mindfulness in relationships, and so on. Even before the end of the course, students will already have a deep understanding of how stress affects the body and why they need to take steps to control it.  

By the end of the course, students will be encouraged to put what they’ve learned into practice. When they do, they will sleep better, think more positive things, generate positive energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus. Such improvements will help them enhance communication skills, do better at work, develop better relationships, and become more creative and innovative in whatever they do.  

The relief and mental clarity that comes after taking this course are phenomenal. Students testify to how much they have achieved more with less energy and at a shorter time. Sherina impacts her students by sharing her personal experience while dealing with worry, which many people can relate to. She’s truthful and reliable, and committed to every student’s welfare to help them achieve their desired goals in life by reducing worrying.  

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