Atense Says Its Computer Vaccine Will Prevent Future “SolarWinds” Hacking Events

March 05 10:06 2021
Atense Computer Vaccine closes the entry points of a computer running the Windows operating system and blocks non-authorized software from running. Once it is available, it will stop the SolarWinds type of hacking from happening.

Plano, TX, USA – March 5, 2021 – The SolarWinds hack belongs to the supply chain hacking category. A software program is tainted at its development platform, and once third parties update the software, they get compromised. The SolarWinds hack involved three phases and affected many agencies of the US government and over 18,000 companies around the globe, causing billions of dollars in damage to the global economy.

The first phase was compromising the SolarWinds development server when the malware was implanted in the server and a backdoor malware implanted into SolarWinds’ software. The second phase was after third parties updated the SolarWinds software and got compromised. The hackers ran fileless (software code) malware using the Windows PowerShell, changed the Windows registry, and ran CMD (Command Prompt in Windows), WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line-utility), and other native Windows software to perform a lateral movement in the third party’s compromised computer. The third phase was the theft of files and data from those compromised third-party computers.

Atense Computer Vaccine would prevent this. It creates a digital fingerprint of the certified software; any software lacking that digital fingerprint will not run on the computer. If Atense Computer Vaccine had been available and installed in SolarWinds’ servers, the implanted malware would have been disabled because it lacked the digital fingerprint. The first phase of the hacking would have been prevented and a warning message displayed on the Atense Computer Vaccine dashboard.

Now imagine that Atense Computer Vaccine was available but the SolarWinds’ server didn’t have it and got hacked. In the second phase, SolarWinds’ tainted software compromises third-party computers, allowing hackers to move laterally in the computer.

Assume that the Atense Computer Vaccine is installed on the compromised computer-

For critical Windows programs like PowerShell, CMD, WMIC, Windows Registry, and others to run on the compromised computer, a system administrator must be logged in through the Atense Computer Vaccine login, which is independent of the Windows operating system. Since a system administrator wasn’t logged in, the Windows-critical programs wouldn’t have run, and a warning message pinpointing where the attempt occurred would have been displayed on the Atense Computer Vaccine dashboard. In the third phase, where hackers try to extract files, Atense Computer Vaccine will encrypt whitelisted files, and if hackers download a whitelisted file, the file will remain encrypted and be of no use.

Please see for yourself our demo showing how the hacking process works and how Atense Computer Vaccine stops malware and hackers’ attack:

Atense Computer Vaccine is the world’s first patented Computer Vaccine, covered with eight US patents and patents pending around the globe. By using certification, encryption, and whitelisting, Computer Vaccine creates a shield around the Windows operating system, controlling what runs and what doesn’t run in the computer. Authorized software runs, but malware, old and new, gets blocked at arrival.

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