Raised in a home without a TV, Taiwo Adeyemi now helps talents in Nigeria become TV stars

March 05 09:09 2021

In a world where emerging entrepreneurs favour the mentorship of celebrated moguls like Dangote, Taiwo Adeyemi prefers to pattern himself after self-made mover, shaker and consummate deal-closer, Clarence Avant.

This is not surprising in the least with the kind of eclectic empire his talent agency, BoxxCulture is positioned to build. Oga Boxx as he is fondly called, is relatively different from the average creative, even though he kick-started his career as one.

An uncompleted civil engineering degree and quality time with advertising professionals were a few of Taiwo’s motivation to enrol in an advertising school in Lagos, Nigeria, where he became a certified art director. Despite his meagre N30,000 ($63) monthly earnings, he leant the ropes and slowly rose through the ranks until he chose to do his own thing.

“I was raised by Deeper Life parents. In case you missed that era, that simply meant we were not allowed to own a television, throw big parties, dress like Kanye and a lot of other unwritten rules. My social life did not exist and the only source of entertainment I had was an old radio set. I missed out on a lot of regular childhood memories. I would sneak to my neighbour’s house to watch television shows and cartoons, just so I could relate to conversations at school.”

Unlike the typical millennial, Taiwo Adeyemi seldom undertakes the path of least resistance with any project, preferring to prepare for the long haul; the unique makings of a futurist. Taiwo Adeyemi refers to himself as a culture middleman, appropriate for someone who brokers relationships for a living – from bringing together talents and brands to creating long-lasting synergies between products and consumers.

Taiwo’s journey into talent representation wasn’t without a few well-positioned bumps on the road. To successfully get his folks off his back, he had to sign an undertaking that he would not return back to them for financial assistance for schooling. They had done all they could, without much success, to reign in his boundless energy and restless mind.

As a talent manager and transmedia practitioner, Taiwo continues to represent the best of the best, while building iconic products and platforms to foster show business in Nigeria.

More recently, Taiwo is building what he describes as the ultimate resource platform for hustlers in Nigeria to easily navigate their foray into the entrepreneurship and entertainment businesses. He calls it “Road2Blow”.

“The lives of the average emerging talents in Nigeria is extremely hard. It means almost nothing to be talented as the cost of success keeps them under the ground for so long. What I am trying to do with this platform is basically to make life easier for those specific group of talents. With possible partnerships, we hope to be able to subsidize what it costs to make it big in Nigeria.”

In just one month, Taiwo has been able to grow 10,000 members of this community and is targeting 100,000 by the end of 2021.

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