Nylah Star, getting back to school

March 05 06:30 2021
Promoting education for all

After the hard times left by the coronavirus in all sectors of society, today more than ever we must push for a return to normality, with young singer Nylah Star entering into scene, reminding us that one of our pillars is inside the classroom.

Nylah Quezada, better known as Nylah Star, is a six-year-old American singer of Dominican ancestry with a dream: showing positive messages to kids and grow-ups through music. With the return to school announced and implemented in several countries, Nylah Star will get everyone back to normalcy in an entertaining and friendly way, in English, Spanish, French and many other languages.

It’s important that during the return to school, advertising campaigns are carried out to encourage students and teachers to get back to their studies, a difficult task after a whole year that the COVID-19 kept its ranks within society. Low morale, withdrawal, confinement, a new lifestyle that even today we are still getting used to.Nylah Star’s project uses popular rhythms to convey messages suitable for all audiences.

What will the new 2021 school season be like? It will certainly be different from the previous one, so we can make it even better by turning up the volume to Nylah Star’s songs, enjoying her music and videos. Also, her social media is focused on her daily life and how she encourages the little ones to education, showing them how important it is for our lives. Education, respect, rights and duties, all under the words of a very charismatic girl.

Nylah Star’s project is brought thanks to AQD Records and AQD Entertainment, which get along with scholar institutions and companies to join forces to transmit the message to a larger territory, promoting education and carrying such a vast message hand in hand with another universal field: music.

For contact information, please go through the web page www.nylahstar.com or send an e-mail to Andres Duran, Nylah’s manager, to the following addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

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