Digital transformation Of The Cambridge Literary Festival

March 05 06:06 2021
Digital transformation Of The Cambridge Literary Festival

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked everyone, especially the events industry, which had to react quickly to the new situation. Many concerts and events were postponed, but not the Cambridge Literary Festival (CLF). The CLF management decided to intervene and not let the pandemic spoil the preparations. They came up with the idea of a streaming edition of the festival with films and audio podcasts. They were helped by the ASPER BROTHERS team, who have developed an online platform. 

The Cambridge Literary Festival (CLF) is an annual reading festival popular in England. The CLF is currently organized in two editions – spring and winter. In total, around 350 writers and speakers take part – both well-known established authors and debutants at the beginning of their artistic journey. Since 2003 it has been held in the amazing city of Cambridge. Unfortunately, 2020 brought changes, and this year’s edition had to be held online.

To complete the entire digital project, the CLF team needed to hire a competent partner. This is why they decided to hire a software development company, ASPER BROTHERS, as they had experience in carrying out such projects. They convinced the CFL team because they firmly believe that successful cooperation should be based on trust and good communication. 

This approach proved crucial during the collaboration. The success was achieved thanks to the excellent and smooth collaboration between ASPER BROTHERS and the CLF team. The greatest difficulty proved to be time. The date of the autumn/winter edition of the festival had already been set, so any potential obstacles had to be taken into consideration already at the planning stage. Fortunately, thanks to fruitful cooperation, users received a fully usable site and could virtually reach their favourite author

The project’s main idea was to prepare a completely new platform for paid access to audio and video materials. Thanks to it, users will not lose the opportunity to interact with their favourite artists. Communication with the speakers remains the same as in the traditional form of the festival to have the same experience as before.  

Users can participate in the festival by buying access to streamed streaming activities or pre-recorded content. Also, they can buy an annual pass that allows them access to all content available on the website.

ASPER BROTHERS’ team have created a platform for content distribution where users can find content from talkers, comprehensive explanations of individual activities, artist-specific sites and a user-friendly search engine to find content about their favourite artists easily.

With the ongoing pandemic, more and more companies are choosing to move their events online. The Cambridge Festival was a huge success. Everything went according to the organizers’ ideas, and even the outcome was a surprise. The number of registrations exceeded all expectations. This success shows that such a decision does not necessarily entail a loss of participants. This form does not deter users, and one could say that it even encourages new people to participate. 

Even if the festival reverts to its traditional physical form, the new platform will be a great place to distribute content to audiences worldwide who cannot come to Cambridge in person. The spring edition of the Cambridge Literary Festival will also take place online from 22 – 30 April 2021 and accessible from anywhere in the world. The full line up will be announced shortly.


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