CNC high-speed engraving and milling machine processing and selection

March 04 23:39 2021

Engraving and milling machine as the name implies. It can be engraved and milled. On the basis of the engraving machine, the power of the spindle and the servo motor is increased, and the machine body can withstand the force, while maintaining the high speed of the spindle, and more importantly, the precision. Engraving and milling machines are also developing at a high speed. They are generally called high-speed machines. They have stronger cutting capabilities and very high machining accuracy. They can also directly process materials with a hardness above HRC60 for one-time forming.

It is generally believed that the engraving and milling machine is a CNC milling machine using small tools, high power and high-speed spindle motors. The advantage of the engraving machine is in carving. If the hardness of the processing material is relatively large, it will appear to be inadequate. The emergence of engraving and milling machines can be said to fill the gap between the two. The engraving and milling machine can both engrave and mill.

It is a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine tool. The concept of engraving and milling machine was first proposed and realized by Jiatie. The engraving and milling machine has a wide range of applications, and is widely used in the rough and fine processing of precision mold cores at one time, mold copper electrodes, batch processing of aluminum products, shoe mold manufacturing, jig processing, and clocks and watches. Engraving and milling machines are more and more important in the machine tool processing industry due to their high cost performance, fast processing speed, and good finish. They are an essential processing link for industrial automation.

1. The engraving and milling machine gong steel material must rotate at more than 10,000 rpm. Many friends who use computer gongs have never used an engraving and milling machine. It is wrong to use the engraving and milling machine with the thinking of computer gong processing. To be powerful, the speed must be slow. If the speed is too fast, it is easy to burn the tool. The milling machine is also a reason, so the milling machine has a speed gear. This is because computer gongs and milling machines can only obtain greater torque at low speeds. The electric spindle used in the engraving and milling machine must rotate at a high speed of about 10,000 rpm to output large torque. If people use the computer gong thinking to drive the spindle speed to about 2000 rpm when the engraving and milling machine is roughing, it is very It is easy to scrap the electro-spindle.

2. The speed is too low, the sound of the electric spindle is heavy, and the gong is strenuous during processing. Sometimes the spindle cannot rotate, and the inverter alarms and overloads. In severe cases, the electro-spindle will be scrapped.

3. Oil flushing is also necessary during processing. The computer gong does not need to flush oil at all when roughing, but the engraving and milling machine needs to flush the oil as the roughening. The spindle rotates at high speed and the temperature rises. If the oil is not flushed, it is easy to cause tool wear.

Similarly, people need to be careful when choosing machines.

Clarify the nature of processed products and CNC models

Why do manufacturers divide high-speed engraving and milling machines into so many types in order to be able to process different types of materials more professionally? If people buy a high-speed engraving and milling machine to process bakelite, or buy a high-speed engraving and milling machine to engrave the official seal, it will not only waste a lot of money but also have poor results. Similarly, if people buy a high-speed engraving and milling machine for advertising, it may not work properly at all. So before people buy, people must communicate clearly with the salesperson to let him know people purpose, including the size of the workpiece, what material, the weight of the material, the engraving effect and other requirements.

Proofing test before purchase

After people have selected the model, before purchasing, in order to ensure the reliability of the high-speed engraving and milling machine and to calculate the return on investment, people must let the salesperson or people do it peopleself to conduct on-site proofing and calculation of the products people usually make.

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