Companies Decrease Accidents with Pre-Employment Driving Record Checks

March 04 21:55 2021

Anyone can claim to be a safe driver on their job application, but their driving record will provide the truth. CredentialCheck helps employers understand their applicants who may pose a risk to others on their road and to the company’s finances with their thorough driving record checks.

Whether an employee is transporting cargo, ferrying customers, or doing something else on the road, safety is paramount. Driving is inherently dangerous, and auto accidents can be extremely costly for everyone involved – including the employer. That’s why companies across the United States rely on CredentialCheck for pre-employment driving record checks. These checks include:

Whether the Applicant Has a Valid License

Whether the Applicant Has the Right License Class or Endorsements

Whether the Applicant Has Driving Restrictions

The Applicant’s Accident History

The Applicant’s Traffic Violation History

Credential Check’s services can also include CDL checks using the nationwide Commercial Driver’s License Information System. The goal is to provide as much information as legally possible to help employers make more confident hiring decisions. It’s well known that applicants often leave things out or outright lie during the hiring process; partnering with CredentialCheck helps your hiring manager get the facts.

Companies recommend CredentialCheck’s services because they allow them to reduce risk, hire faster, and save money. Screening the applicants diminishes the chance of something unfortunate happening on the road. Likewise, their expertise in screening allows them to process driving record checks more quickly than internal resources. Finally, the companies save money thanks to the reduced risk of accidents, as well as decreased internal labor spent on screening.

Call (888) 689-2000 to learn more about driving record searches and other pre-employment driving record services available from CredentialCheck. Information about their employer solutions is also available on their website. Their company is based in Troy, MI, and serves organizations of all sizes across the nation.

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