Author Levente Batizy’s Book Is a Riveting Tale of a Family’s Escape from Persecution to Achieving the American Dream

March 04 20:59 2021
It’s a story of commitment, sacrifice, and the journey to freedom

Authors’ Tranquility Press is proud to announce author Levente Batizy’s Book entitled The Biggest Hole in the Iron Curtain: The Batizy Story. The book was published on June 5, 2019, and is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  

The book tells the story of The Batizy family, Eastern European nobility, who started their journey in the thirteenth century. They continued to live in affluence and wealth until the 1956 Hungarian revolution against communism failed. The family had to leave Europe and finding themselves in America to start a new life.  

Readers are taken on a journey of the Batizy family’s great escape, seeking a new life abroad and their struggle to achieve the American dream. It’s also a story of sacrifice, commitment to ideals, and adding value to society.  

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Dr. Levente G. Batizy was only ten years old when he was removed from his birth mother and grandmother to escape to America following the 1956 Hungarian communist revolution. His family had to adjust to life and reality in America and eventually became successful in their endeavor.  

The Biggest Hole in the Iron Curtain: The Batizy Story is a book that offers so much for readers. Written from the experience and memories of a young man, it touches the essence of the entire history of a family and people dealing with communism and desire for freedom. Being a historical book makes it valuable material for those who want to understand the past better.  

The book also discusses a family’s struggle for survival and how America is a place that gives everyone an equal chance to grow and succeed. Dr. Levente G. Batizy, a child at the time of the event, is now a physician, an author, a husband, father, brother, and grandfather. He remembers all the sacrifices his mother and grandmother had to make to ensure he escapes unhurt and has a better future in America. Imagine someone who fled certain death now saving many souls and adding so much value to society through his knowledge and expertise.  

The book is well-written and properly structured to educate and entertain readers. It starts with an insight into The Batizy family’s rise to nobility in the 1200s. The author also talked about the situation leading to the revolution and after it. He also discussed his personal accounts, including his father’s role, getting to America and starting high school, and stories of his children.  

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