Digital Banking Solution Verge Set to Launch Services for Customers in the UK And Europe

March 04 18:01 2021
This platform offers a multi-currency account for global payments that is designed for small business owners, contractors, freelancers, consultants, gig workers and individuals.

While the world’s population enjoys the benefits of increased economic globalization, business and individuals find themselves jumping through a lot of hoops to pay and get paid. Digital banking platform Verge understands the high costs and difficulties associated when small businesses and entrepreneurs send or receive money to and from other countries. To provide an alternative cost-effective solution for these challenges, Verge launches its platform to make sending and receiving global payments easier.

“We’re on a mission to simplify banking and revolutionize the way money works for small businesses and entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers, gig workers, and the unbanked or underbanked who are often excluded or underserved by existing financial intuitions. Our vision is to build an innovative financial infrastructure to scale the digital economy and create equal opportunities for everyone without exception,” a spokesperson from Verge said.

Verge is a next generation neobank focused on small business owners and entrepreneurs. A neobank is a financial technology company that operates and provides financial services on a digital platform as opposed to a physical bank. The Verge platform will provide users with a free multi-currency account, a free corporate card and several other innovative and forward-looking features.

As a digital banking platform, Verge supports today’s digital generation with its various functional features. It allows start-ups and SMBs to automate their invoicing, expenses, accounting, and payroll services. It also provides users real-time AI-powered insights about business spending to maximize the value of any money through smart budgeting.

With Verge, users can also make SEPA and SWIFT payments with just a few clicks. This arrangement lets users seamlessly send money to more than 100 countries at the best rates.

The company is also rolling out WhatsApp payments and has configured a seamless social sign-in for its accounts via Big Techs such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Verge also plans to provide a flexible credit line with very low interest rates for small businesses. Unlike traditional loans, the Verge credit line only requires users to only pay for what they use on a monthly basis and it will also be available to startups and non-traditional digital businesses to help them scale their operations.

When users sign up for a Verge account, they automatically get a UK account and a Euro IBAN as well as other amazing features. This setup allows them to pay and receive funds to and from any country in any currency, benefiting from extremely low fees.

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About Verge

Verge is a new fintech that enables businesses and entrepreneurs to receive, store and send payments seamlessly. It offers a free multi-currency account with a flexible credit line and provides tools that help small businesses to automate their operations.

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