From HR to CEO – A Workshop to Become an Employee Happiness Coach

March 04 00:28 2021

Work hard to find talent. Keep the fingers crossed until they join. Co-ordinate and do the onboarding. Follow the latest HR trends. Struggle to keep up with the pace of change. Learn the latest trends in Learning & Development. Sweat to get the performance management system working. Administer salary revisions. Work Hard on Employee ‘Engagement’. Tackle with ‘Engaged’ colleagues through policies, politics, confrontations, and manipulative ‘recognitions’.

Constantly remind everyone that everyone is ‘family’ because everyone is not. Preach ‘Team Work’ to ‘family members’. Witness the people leaving ‘family’ for another 20%. Work hard to find talent by paying 20% higher.

If this feels familiar, one’s not alone. People have the majority of the industry giving one ‘company’.

Would one like to join the ‘minority’ who have risen above this familiar territory?

If yes, then they have some good news for them.

Ethika Worklife invites everyone to their one-of-its-kind 3-Hour Highly Engaging workshop, happening on the 6th of March from 10 am to 1 pm, where one will discover the Science behind Employee Happiness and Unleash its power to become CEO. The workshop is based on the success of the past attendees and the past personal experience of 6 years during which they have built two successful companies which run on ‘auto-pilot’ mode.


  • The Science behind Workplace Happiness and how one can use it to kickstart a Culture of Workplace Happiness in their organization.
  • Why Future CEOs will evolve from HR and how one can put themselves into the path of graduating from HR to CEO.
  • How some organizations have increased the productivity of their employees by 700%, just by turning them into happy employees. 
  • Why the No.1 performance indicator of an HR Leader in the future will be Employee Happiness?
  • The Size of Employee Happiness Industry and ROI for creating a Happy Workplace. Why this is the best time for HR to become an Employee Happiness & Performance Coach.
  • As a bonus, one will also see an increase in their Personal Happiness Index.

Valued at INR 9999. But FREE for a limited time. Only 20 spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reserve the spot now by replying to this message with the Phone and Email id.

Additional Bonuses

Certificate of Participation.

eBook on Employee Benefits written by Susheel Agarwal, worth ₹1200

A Chance to become part of a like-minded HR community.

“Future CEO to evolve from HR. CEOs today want their HR to perform like CEO of an HR solutions company, enabling human capital solutions for their company”, People Matters. CEO, as well as the management, are more cautious about the HR programs and processes, and they rather want them to retrieve the money invested in the organization’s talent systems.

Therefore, HRs should have a point of view for the present and future course of action. The workshops like Ethika Worklife equip HRs with the required skills of creating happiness and a productive environment for the employees, contributing to the ROI of talent systems. It’s a 12-week workshop that concentrates on various tools and strategies which can be implemented to kickstart the culture of happiness at the workplace. The certified program upskills one‘s HR career to a CEO level and increases their personal happiness index too.

About [email protected]:

[email protected] is an initiative of Ethika Worklife that is aimed to create excitement at work. It is a futuristic, game-changing employee happiness and employee wellness plan. It focuses on increasing happiness at work to enhancing the employees’ wellbeing, using amazing ideas for employee engagement. It trains on deploying specialized and interventional employee wellness programs and initiatives that support employees’ physical, mental, as well as emotional well-being.

About Ethika Worklife:

Ethika Worklife is a team of passionate professionals who are destined to bring happiness and well-being to more and more workplaces. It envisions empowering businesses to help their employees live happier and healthier lives. The team has been mentored by Susheel Agarwal, Founder of Ethika Insurance Broking and Ethika Worklife Solutions who is dedicated to helping organizations flourish with happy workplaces. He is a certified happiness coach. The management is also willing to expand its network and wants to partner with like-minded ventures who can bring additional value to the [email protected] tool.

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