Harmonic Health Colorado is offering to rid people of stress and facilitate healing using sound and light.

March 03 21:06 2021
The use of sound and light for healing is not something new, it’s been used for thousands of years. Harmonic Health Colorado hopes to help residents achieve healing and relaxation through vibration and color.

Using the power of sound and light is not an innovation. Ancient human societies made use of such natural elements in how they live their lives, including healing. It is only through recent studies that the real benefits of sound and light have slowly come to be understood. Now more and more people are turning around to the idea that sound vibration and light are the new way to boost their health and wellbeing. This is the principle that made Harmonic Health Colorado a reality. It was designed to harvest the benefits of light and sound energy and channel it into the human body to help in relaxation during stressful situations and healing. The idea of all-encompassing vibrating energy that resonates with matter and manifestation is only going to get more attention as more and more people awaken to its many benefits.

To put it simply, the Harmonic egg is a resonant chamber made for maximum relaxation and de-stressing of the body. It makes use of light and sound energy directed at the occupant seated on a zero-gravity chair inside the chamber to facilitate healing. The Harmonic Egg has reached all over the world including Harmonic Egg Colorado where they are offering 3, 6, and 10 session packages. Here, residents can come to the facility and spend some time soaking up the healing properties of sound and light energy. This ancient practice has many associated benefits to the body including reducing joint and muscle pain, reducing blood pressure, removing harmful toxins from the body, as well as stress reduction.

The use of sound for healing is not a new form of medicine. It works by way of allowing matter to vibrate at a specific frequency connecting it to the vibration of the universe. When humans are not in harmony with this vibration, this is where harmful effects can be felt. Similarly, light is also a form of energy. It is the closest thing to pure energy and has a direct impact on the human body. Light propagates through different wavelengths, hence colors, and our body absorbs what it lacks to make it function more efficiently. Both sound and light energy are what the Harmonic Egg produces and focuses it on the human inside.

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