Bernadette Goh Shares 3 Secrets on How to Lose Fat and Build Muscles Effectively and Safely

March 03 20:10 2021

Bernadette Goh believes that Fat Loss and Muscles Building should be done safely and effectively without cutting out whole food groups and doing strenuous exercise without a proper system.

Bernadette learnt it the hard way by doing super vigorous exercise for two long years – EVERY, SINGLE DAY. Her diet consists of only eating all natural single-ingredient food, cutting out all processed, sugary food for two long years in order to lose weight and drop dress size to fit into her dream mermaid-cut wedding gown for her wedding 5 years ago.

The sheer amount of determination and discipline is unrivalled and she can never do it again. Hence, after her wedding, she slowly gained weight and fats due to high stress, sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.

Fortunately, in 2019, she stumbled across this solution which allows her to have a more sustainable eating plan and lifestyle, yet able to drop dress size and lose fats and build up muscles without much vigorous exercise.

After dropping from L size to S, she found her confidence and self-esteem back! Her family and friends started asking her for her secret. She shared with them and helped them discover their best selves as well. Then, she found her purpose in life which was in line with her passion of health and wellness and realised her mission is to empower people to look good and feel good using her simple 3 step system.

Bernadette is passionate to share with people 3 secrets about fat loss to help more people lose those fats effectively and safely.

Secret #1 – Why exercise and healthy eating alone is not enough.

In order to burn 1kg of fat, you need to burn 7700 calories – which is equivalent to jogging 40 hours or swimming for 7 hours. By the end of 40 hours, you would probably have collapsed.

For example, a pretty disciplined regular working adult exercises 3 times a week, but he eats 3 times a day, multiply by 7 days a week which amounts to 21 times.

3 vs 21 – which has a bigger impact?

Hence, it will take a great amount of sheer determination and discipline to be able to commit to 3 times of exercise a week, or more.

Yet, with all those vigorous exercise, it is still not easy to shed off the more dangerous fat – Visceral Fat. Visceral fat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, hypertension etc.

Secret #2 – How to save thousands of dollars from hiring a personal trainer and why you should do this instead.

Imagine for example you hire a Personal Trainer $150/session x 3 times a week x 4 times a month x 12 months = $21,600

Yet, results are not guaranteed because it still depends on your own determination and eating habits.

What you should do instead is to be on a calorie deficit, yet you should not compromise on your nutrition.

Secret #3 – Why every athlete takes supplements and why you should too.

Our body needs both macro- and micro-nutrients in order to function at tip-top condition in order to detox and function well.

However, most of our meals do not provide full spectrum of macro and micro nutrients, hence, in order for our body to be at tip-top condition, it is advisable to supplement your food diet with the safe and tested supplements.

If you are looking for more in depth knowledge on how to lose fat and build muscles safely and effectively, check out her interview by Alaric Ong on YouTube:

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