Portable UV-C Sanitizer Offers Pocket-Sized Protection

March 03 19:39 2021

As people look for ways to bring normalcy back into everyday life, keeping things around us clean and germ-free is a top priority. That’s why Clearwin – makers of the world’s first escalator handrail sterilizing system – has launched Clearscan. Clearscan is a sleek, pocket-sized (Length:127mm, Weight: 32g) portable UV-C sanitizer that you can take with you wherever you go to quickly and safely disinfect objects and surfaces.

Simply turn it on, place the device over an object for 20 seconds, and the device will turn off automatically upon completion. Clearscan is perfect for killing germs and viruses on personal items, such as smartphones, laptops, wallets, masks, and money, as well as communal touchpoints like lift buttons, restaurant tables, door handles, and supermarket shopping carts. Travelers can use it on aircraft fold-down tables and seat belts, and it’s also ideal for the office. After charging for just 40 minutes, it will be fully charged and ready to be used for up to 200 cycles.

Clearscan’s eco-friendly LED light offers 99.99% protection against Coronavirus, featuring the same UV-C sanitization technology that has been used in healthcare facilities for decades. The product is safe for personal use and was among the winners at the 2020 Korean Safety Innovation Awards. In order to prevent any accidental bodily exposure, Clearscan is designed with a Gyro sensor that detects when the device is tilted over 90 degrees and automatically shuts the device down. As with any UV-C product, you should avoid direct exposure to the body (especially the eyes), and it should be kept out of reach of children.

“As people get used to going out more amidst new surges of the coronavirus, we’re all responsible for maintaining a safe environment for ourselves, our families and our communities,” said Colin Steven, managing director of Clearwin UAE. Steven furthered that, “The main benefit of Clearscan is that it offers the same high level of safety and effectiveness as our escalator sanitizing system, but in a chemical-free, consumer-friendly product that lets you sanitize on-the-go. The device is also perfect for workplaces, and something companies can provide to help restore staff confidence, especially in settings where they interact with the public regularly, such as hospitality, retail and travel.”

For more information regarding Clearscan, visit www.clearwinus.com or contact [email protected]

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