Life Coach Charlotte Ferrier Unveils Two Powerful New Programmes For People Ready To Transform Their Life

March 03 12:09 2021

Life coach Charlotte Ferrier has unveiled two powerful new 1-1 transformation programmes, designed to enable people to finally let go of their limiting beliefs and unlock their lives. As a qualified advanced RTT (rapid transformational therapy) therapist, Charlotte’s methods have already coached well over 1,000 people to get through their struggles and realise their true self. Her new programmes have been created to help people transform on an even deeper level.

Charlotte’s new ‘Rock your Life Purpose Program’ is a four-to-six month 1-1 journey designed to help people discover their purpose on a subconscious level. By the end of the programme, people can expect to understand themselves and their purpose on a far deeper level, be freed from their limiting beliefs and have a bespoke masterplan for their future. The journey is built around a carefully designed six-step programme, each step building on the last.

Step 1 – Preparation. The programme starts with RTT, hypnotherapy, coaching, de-stressing techniques, and energy alignment. This enables people to first free themselves from unwanted conditioning, tune into their body, get an understanding of the concepts to come, and set themselves up for future success.

Step 2 – Discovery. The next step is key in helping people get to know themselves on a whole different level. Charlotte uses techniques such as 1-1 laser coaching and regression hypnotherapy to help people really dig deep into what matters to them and uncover their hidden purpose.

Step 3 – Connecting The Dots. Step 3 is when things start to come together. Charlotte combines the latest psychological techniques with ancient philosophies (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, and Ikigai), teaching vital skills such as visualisation, mind mapping, and using the mind-body-soul connection.

Step 4 – The Confidence Rocket. Charlotte uses techniques such as 1-1 laser coaching, vortex healing, and RTT to focus specifically on confidence-suffocating limiting beliefs. It’s only once these are removed that the most meaningful level of change can occur.

Step 5 – The Kick-Ass Masterplan. The previous four steps have taken the person to the level where they’re ready to create their own masterplan for their life with clarity and certainty. During this step, Charlotte guides her clients through processes such as future stepping, visualisation, and meditation.

Step 6 – Activation. In the final step of the programme, Charlotte helps her clients put it all together and activate what they’ve learnt using 1-1 laser coaching, manifestation hypnosis, and intention initiation.

Charlotte’s new 90-day 1-1 programme, ‘Abundance Activation Adventure’, is designed to work on subconscious blocks, embodiment, and inner energy alignment. The programme is designed for people who want to break free from what isn’t working for them, welcome abundance into their lives, and start feeling more confidence and self-love. Charlotte uses powerful transformative techniques over the three months of the programme, including: RTT, mindset coaching, personalised hypnosis, laser coaching, vortex healing, and activation meditation.

The transformative impact of effective coaching is being realised now more than ever. In the full-throttle nature of 21st-century living, most people have hardly had the chance to pause and question whether they’re on the right track. The experience over the last year of going through the COVID epidemic has forced people to reset and take the first step towards a new life on their terms. Charlotte’s programmes are designed to help people make a permanent change by deprogramming their limiting beliefs and rebuilding a new vision for their life based on their true purpose.

‘Too many people today are struggling: dealing with limiting beliefs and behaviours and following systems that just don’t work for them. What most people don’t realise is that you cannot create effectively if you have old programming getting in your way.’ – Charlotte Ferrier.

About Charlotte Ferrier:

Charlotte is an experienced mindset and embodiment coach who offers programmes that help people get clear, get confident and activate abundance in all parts of their lives. Charlotte is an expert in the field of personal transformation, as a qualified advanced RTT therapist and clinical hypnotherapist, and life coach. Charlotte works with some of the most powerful and effective techniques available to us to deal with the pressures of modern-day living and help facilitate a joyful and fruitful life full of love and purpose. Charlotte is also passionate about teaching the principles she uses as a mentor and trainer for the RTT academy.

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