Constellation Practitioner Shauna Cuch Shows How to Reveal and Heal Hidden Family Dynamics to Create a Better Life

March 03 16:34 2021
Constellation Practitioner Shauna Cuch Shows How to Reveal and Heal Hidden Family Dynamics to Create a Better Life

“We consistently and unconsciously access blame, shame, and guilt, but rarely do we align with love, light, and truth available from within. Awareness of Self opens the heart, the pathway to our Divine.” ~Shauna Cuch

For anyone who feels as though life is one crazy, out-of-control, traumatic ride, Shauna Cuch has exciting news: All people have the ability to take back the reins from victimhood and create self-aware, loving, abundant lives. Shauna has helped hundreds of people all over the world make this kind of transformation by taking a revolutionary approach to an ancient healing modality known as Family Constellations.

Studies show that we are conscious of only 10% of who we are. The other 90% is unconscious programming of the human experience. It is often called the “shadow self” and can create destructive drama in people’s lives. Shauna’s work draws from epigenetics, how behaviors get passed down intergenerationally through pain and trauma held in the body. It is possible to release those traumas of the past to create a new future. 

“We are blindsided daily by life ‘coming at us,’ not realizing that our unconscious behaviors create our reality,” says Shauna Cuch in her #1 international bestseller, “Big Souls Make Big Promises: Reveal Hidden Personal and Family Dynamics to Unleash Your Purpose.” “The Family Constellation practice moves us from our shadows to the light, where we will no longer be a victim to our circumstance.”

Shauna’s work comes from a very personal place as one who healed herself from the deep wounding from her unique polygamous upbringing. Left abandoned in her crib, her cries were ignored or addressed with beatings. As a result of constant neglect, she experienced physical and spiritual abuse, which she shares powerfully in her book. She offers three tips to help people awaken to their truth:

#1: For those who have tried the advice, “change your thoughts to change your life” and feel you failed, it could be because they haven’t gotten to the root of their unconscious thoughts, their “shadow” self. That’s where the real change happens. The first step is to give oneself permission to believe that it is possible to heal on both an energetic and genetic level.

#2: It takes courage to face dark shadows. Those who dare to experience it for themselves call it magical, mind-blowing, and experience profound results. Is it magical or is it science? Is it so hard to believe that we have the power to shift and heal that which no longer serves us on the energetic level?

#3: For those who find themselves getting triggered by someone in their family or inner-circle and are not sure why they might consider that this is a pattern that has been passed down through their family system. Instead of ignoring the pattern or cutting off the person, a person who is triggered can imagine how it might be the transformational opportunity for which their soul has been looking.

Shauna Cuch invites us to reflect on bonds of attachment, visible and invisible, and on the script of life that people strive to live. She believes that only then can people make the choices that will lead them to the truth of who they are.

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