N95 Respirator Masks are Now Available to the General Public

March 03 14:15 2021
N95 Respirator Masks are Now Available to the General Public
Great news! The N95 shortage is over.

Back in the early days of the pandemic, the world found itself unprepared, in a global shortage of PPE. Things like N95 respirators were in short supply, and reserved only for healthcare workers. A year later, and companies like Supply Hawk are more ready than ever to provide the protection needed, whether they are healthcare workers, high-risk populations, or just regular folks who want to stay safe.

That means you now have access to the same protection that healthcare workers get.

Why N95 respirators are important:

Let’s be honest: a year into the pandemic, many have grown tired of quarantine and are starting to go out, see people, and even throw parties. Schools are struggling to serve students virtually, workplaces are reopening, and in some states masks are not required at all when visiting businesses like grocery stores or restaurants.

When someone is in a situation where they need to be in close proximity to others, in large groups, or where others are not masking up, they should wear extra protection. N95 masks are ideal for public transportation like buses, trains, or planes, in order to protect from the masses of people potentially carrying COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.

N95 respirators are superior to ordinary masks because they have better filtration and a tighter fit. This means they don’t leave any gaps for particles or water droplets to enter the nose and mouth. Some people think N95 masks are similarly effective to KN95 masks, which meet Chinese standards, but with an N95 mask, one can be sure they are wearing a mask that meets our FDA standards and is NIOSH certified. One of the main visible differences is that N95 respirators require a headloop while many KN95 masks use earloops. While the headloop ensures a more snug fit, it’s also more comfortable as it doesn’t strain the ears.

Best price guarantee

Supply Hawk guarantees the best prices online because of their efficient supply chain and their mission to provide low-cost PPE to all. If there is a better price anywhere else, Supply Hawk beat it. Supply Hawk is BBB accredited and only sells genuine products.

Visit SupplyHawk.org for N95 respirators, medical grade 3-ply masks, and other personal protective equipment.

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