Buying Timeshare – 5 Essential Checks From The Timeshare Crusader

March 03 14:06 2021
Lisa Ann Schreier, a/k/a – The Timeshare Crusader – has been talking with and educating consumers for 20 years. Almost everyone Schreier talked with expressed regret that they hadn’t done more research, asked more questions or simply waited a day or so before jumping in.

Clermont, Florida – “This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have purchased, or that they shouldn’t,” says Schreier. “It does mean that there are far more important factors to be considered prior to purchase than the beautiful view from the model unit the salesperson is trying to get you to focus on as he dangles the pen in front of you.”

As part of National Consumer Protection Week, The Crusader has identified 5 key points to look into before purchasing a timeshare.

The Price – The Real Price

There’s no MSRP for timeshares. They’ll try to get you to pay the highest price possible. Also consider that similar, if not the exact same timeshare, is probably listed on the secondary market for a fraction of the cost the developer is selling it for, albeit with at least some usage restrictions.

The Maintenance Fee – Yesterday’s, Today’s And Tomorrow’s Fees

While the salesperson might have disclosed the current fees, consumers may be in for a real shock if they don’t know what the fees were in previous years, and by how much they have and can go up, year on year.

How Much Of The Resort Is Sold Out

If the resort has been open for more than 10 years, yet is only 10% sold out, this should raise a red flag. Why is no one buying there?

How Many Of The Owners Are Delinquent – And How Delinquent Are They?

Any more than 20% is cause for concern. If owners aren’t paying either their loans or their maintenance fees, developers usually resort to raising fees or imposing a hefty special assessment, which usually results in raising the delinquency rate further. It’s a downward spiral that few resorts can endure. If the resort fails, quality falls. At best, owners lose out in terms of the quality of vacation experience the resort is able to offer its guests. At worst, they’re left owning nothing. 

Pros And Cons Of Fixed Weeks, Floating Weeks, Points And Club Membership

Schreier has written extensively about this in both of her books, as well as in her blog ( If prospective purchasers don’t understand the significant differences between the various types of ownership, they can easily make a $20,000+ mistake. What the salesperson is selling may or may not be the best for individual needs. Each person needs to decide what the right vacation experience and financial commitment is right for them – don’t let the salesperson make that decision.

Schreier offers this caution: “People who don’t check these issues carefully before committing to purchase will almost always regret buying their timeshare and, more often than not, fall prey to a scam.”

To ensure that consumers make wise decisions to suit their needs and preferences, Schreier has identified 19 Questions You Need To Ask Before Purchasing A Timeshare. This further expert guidance to help make a smart and informed timeshare purchase decision is available for only $4.99. Interested consumers can email Schreier at [email protected]

Lisa Ann Schreier has been participating in the timeshare community since 1998. Her entree was as a timeshare salesperson and manager at a number of established Orlando area resorts. She grew increasingly frustrated with the antiquated marketing and high-pressure sales techniques that were (and sadly still are) the norm in the timeshare marketplace.

As a catalyst for positive change, she wrote ‘Surviving A Timeshare Presentation… Confessions From The Sales Table’ and ‘Timeshare Vacations For Dummies’. In addition, she co-authored the definitive college-level textbook on timeshare. She is a frequent contributor to major media outlets and a sought-after speaker at consumer advocacy groups.

Schreier provides content to, is on the Advisory Board of, where she ensures that information is unbiased, accurate and helpful for consumers. She is also the lead timeshare advocate at, as well as a featured blogger on

Her ‘tell it like it is’ blog ( providing experiential insight on many important timeshare issues is an essential source of critical information. The blog continues to both alert consumers to the myriad of less than reputable companies and practices, as well as providing an insiders view of the business And how the timeshare experience can be improved.

Twitter users can follow Schreier at @LisaLooksAt

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