Digital Lionne: the House of Nerds Agency.

October 26 08:57 2020
Digital Lionne: the House of Nerds Agency.
As an agency powered by youth & knowledge, Digital Lionne tackles the modern digital marketing age with a powerful slogan “guaranteed results or we work for free”

Digital Lionne is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, operated by a group of digital lions each team member has a record of at least 10 books. They believe quality equals knowledge and structure.

Here is what Mayyas, CEO at Digital Lionne, had to say, “When we first started in 2017, we were four marketeers, storytellers & technical experts who saw an opportunity of improving digital marketing & seized it.”

Digital Lionne, aka the Lionnes; is a structured agile Digital Marketing team. Our team tackle each brand with unique strategies & methods carefully catered to turn their suspects into promoters. Lionnes believe that for any brand to truly stand out, they need strategies that exploit their customer’s Word of Mouth.

What makes Digital Lionne rare is the team, their love for teamwork & their passion. They’re comprised of a group of youthful, imaginative, storyteller & well-educated personnel who’ve dedicated all their time into self-development & personal training, keeping themselves up to date with all the digital trends and concepts in service delivery.

At Digital Lionne we’re passionate about what we do, we truly believe we’re the best at it. Our love for the word challenge & unique; replaces the word fun with competition. However, within this ever-growing industry, words mean so little, therefore we had to elevate & step up our game as well as build a proposition that truly resonates with our digital expertise.

Thus, we came up with a slogan equally strong and competitive. A slogan fit to stand out in the digital industry “Guaranteed results or we work for free.”

At Digital Lionne, we have partnered with a high calibre of clients, the likes of Nike & the Saudi Arabian Ministry Of health.

We also offer a calibre of services, starting from a full digitalization strategy all the way to sub-services like Paid ads, UX Research, Web/App DevOps, Design, Animation, Social Media Management, Ticketing system… etc.

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