The James by MonPhill’s, Revolutionizing Luxury Makeup Brushes

August 19 20:54 2020

The Compact James Luxury Makeup Brushes are Specially Designed for Travel to Take up Less Space in Your Luggage

Traveling with makeup brushes is a challenge, especially since you have to allocate extra space for them in your makeup pouch. Even then, care has to be taken to prevent the bristles from getting bent, pressed, or damaged. Luckily, the James Luxury Makeup Brushes by MonPhills are here to change the way you travel with makeup brushes. 

The James Luxury Makeup Brushes are slim, sleek, and compact. The brand line features unique retractable brushes with interchangeable brush heads that can be changed as needed. The unique design makes storage easier and ensures that you dont lose your brushes when youre on the go. 

The brush comes with an integrated cap, which can be placed on top anytime you need it. This also means that it is not possible to lose it. The ergonomic design is made from aluminum and durable plastic to give a quality hand-feel and a sturdy grip that makes usage pleasant and comfortable. The exchangeable and removable heads make the James Luxury Makeup Brushes very easy to clean. 

Additionally, keeping in line with their message of eco-friendly products, MonPhills has made sure that the fibers on the brush are made from synthetic fibers of the highest quality. With no animal fur or harmful ingredients, the brushes are made to be as eco-friendly, green, and recyclable as possible. 

The James Luxury Makeup Brushes was designed with an eye on sustainability. Users do not have to invest in buying a separate brush for different uses. All they have to do is change the brush head, and they have a usable brush. It also means that there is less wastage or brushes being kept at the bottom of the drawer. 

There is a lot of “waste” in the cosmetics industry. Many women have different makeup products in different boxes and packaging. Only a few are used intensively on a regular basis for the makeup looks that an average person tries. Unless you are a professional makeup artist, it is highly likely that a large majority of brushes will remain unused in the box. MonPhill’s is looking at this factor with a critical eye: we are focused on making products that are healthy for the skin, are of the best quality, not harmful to our globe, and are multifunctional, without losing the luxurious feeling.” – Philippe Verschuren, MonPhill’s.

Currently, the James Luxury Makeup Brushes are available for purchase through Kickstarter. Backers can avail early bird discounts on the brush set ranging from 25% to 40%. Once the backing is complete, production and shipping will start based on the schedule shared by MonPhills.

To learn more about The James Luxury Makeup Brushes, by MonPhill’s, please visit their Kickstarter campaign:

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