Megahoot Brings the Fitness Industry VEROHive FitStream, Customized Fitness Video Rooms

August 19 12:54 2020
Megahoot Brings the Fitness Industry VEROHive FitStream, Customized Fitness Video Rooms
The fitness industry has been shuttered due to the current social distancing guidelines in effect and gym members not yet ready to return to a commercial gym environment. VEROHive FitStream was developed to help these small businesses to not only stay connected to their clients but also develop an addition to their business model that could help their reach expand beyond locally.

It was announced today that American software and technology company, Megahoot, will be unveiling the VEROHive FitStream platform in late September 2020, the platform is specifically geared towards the fitness industry.

The current pandemic has had a great impact on the fitness industry, it forced many commercial gyms to shut down for several months and in some cases they are still closed. This translates to not only a loss of revenue but potentially may force some businesses to close in general.

VEROHive FitStream was developed in order to give gym owners and professional fitness trainers worldwide the ability to conduct training sessions remotely. This will become an asset for not only the business owners but also their clients who are seeking out alternatives to the commercial gym environment. Some gym clients are learning about the time savings and convenience of training from home while others will return to a commercial gym in the near future, in both cases remote training sessions will become the norm.

With the growth of subscription platforms such as Peloton and Mirror, trainers and gym owners trying to stay connected with their clients and gym members looking for a cost effective way to continue on their fitness journey, many trainers have incorporated some type of alternative video conference service into their business. The Megahoot team saw a problem in the fitness industry currently and wanted to provide a solution and VEROHive FitStream is the solution.

Some features that will be available to gym owners and professional fitness trainers are:

• Live Streaming of a training session to a mass audience in real time, this can be a valuable tool for generating interest and income outside of a physical gym environment. Live Streaming can also be recorded for distribution over various video sharing platforms, as well as streamed live on their own website.

• Live customized individual Fitness Rooms that can be branded to showcase the business logo as a backdrop. The rooms will be set to host up to 20 members during a real time session as well as one on one virtual training sessions. So just like signing up for a Yoga or Spin class, members can sign up for a session.

• Progress sharing, this will allow members to share their progress photos with their trainers in the Fitness Room. Also allow trainers to share fitness programs and more in real time.

• Megahoot has made the VEROHive FitStream base model absolutely FREE OF CHARGE for verified gym owners and professional trainers.

• VEROHive FitStream is a feature of VEROHive and is a part of the Megahoot Ecosystem.

There will be other premium features added as the system is enhanced to include artificial intelligence, augmented reality and more.

“This was an important arena to tackle for the VEROHive system and it was a personal one for me as I have seen so many gym owners and personal trainers find their income reduced to a trickle due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines. We needed to bring a solution to the table for them that would be an asset well after the current environment changes. The tools we will be giving to these gym owners and their members will allow for these businesses to supplement their current business model and grow their business beyond their neighborhood. The world is a big place and being able to connect worldwide beyond Instagram and Facebook we found as being very important. Our team is excited about this project and look forward to releasing it in mid September,” stated Louis Velazquez, Megahoot CEO.

How to Secure a Spot on VEROHive FitStream

This is how verified gym owners and trainers can secure their VEROHive FitStream as it will be limited:

• Create a VEROHive account beforehand, this is mandatory

• They will go to and fill out the simple form to secure their spot (your information will be verified as this is for gym owners and verified personal trainers)

• Notifications will be sent out on VEROHive the first week of September.

To learn more and to join the VEROHive community please go to

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