Alietc B2B – Redefining and Revolutionizing Digital Commerce.

August 18 23:56 2020
Alietc B2B - Redefining and Revolutionizing Digital Commerce.

SELANGOR, MALAYSIA – AUGUST 18, 2020 – ALIETC is a transparent platform for business to business (B2B) marketplace eradicating any functional obstacle along the way. This website is a dynamic platform for not just e-commerce suppliers but also for the customers who can avail of various direct offers on a limitless storehouse of products and merchandise. This has led to a convenient functional flow of business and services and also helped the collective market grow across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The website has become a confluence of buyers and sellers who conduct daily sales and transactions all under one platform. The connections of the various brands with ALIETC has made it emerge as one of the most dynamic electronic commerce marketplace.

The constant evolution of technology and its various advantages has now pushed ALIETC b2b to operate through 105 network websites, all in different languages such as Chinese, German, Arabic, and French. The idea is to make purchasing and product browsing all the easier for people of different languages. When a supplier posts his product, its descriptive part will be translated into 105 languages that will be shown locally in the 105 network websites. This automated workflow will result in the garnering of more customers from various countries of the world thus paving the way for the benchmark of a successful B2B digital marketplace. The website also allows independent and upcoming sellers and retailers to affiliate with their extensive program and take their business to new heights. They have also opened the scope of open bidding that has expanded the pace of transparency and healthy competition among various affiliates associated with the website. Digitalization is the future of every business and the efficiency can already be seen across various test cases.

On, both the buyer and the seller can quote their price that helps in enhancing the healthy competition and dynamics of the digital marketplace. There are various intermediate steps before the sell-out price is reached but everything is extremely convenient to understand and operate by both parties. The direct implementation of various features has helped the platform to run its course with the right elements in a B2B marketplace. Being a global network, the quality of products is always at its best with an inventory of affordable stock. One can find products from a wide range of businesses that has allowed the platform to seamlessly merge with the global audience just within a short period. Physical marketplaces have become extremely competitive and overlapping that impact both the buyer and the seller. The market growth of a particular product or brand can now be maintained through digital innovation led by ALIETC. The convenience is not just the sellers’ but the customer or buyer also finds himself in a place of limitless products and purchasing scopes.


Green Diamond International Sdn. bhd. are the owners of alietc, a dynamic b2b platform. They can be contacted on their phone number: +60176278064.

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