Salty Glasses Designs Premium Seahorse Feeder System for Clean and Tidy Feeding

August 18 02:06 2020
Salty Glasses Designs Premium Seahorse Feeder System for Clean and Tidy Feeding
The only premium seahorse feeding station that rises above the rest

One of the most known drawbacks of having seahorses at home, is the difficulty to feed them and keep the habitat clean, since food remains are commonly dispersed all over the place; however, that problem will be in the past with our seahorse feeder.

Seahorse Buddy by Salty Glasses is a completely transparent seahorse feeding station (ver. 3), which has been ingeniously designed to facilitate the feeding process of these small pets, with great simplicity in its installation.

All you need to do is place this seahorse feeder against the aquarium wall, using the heavy-duty suction cups, which is fixed to the aquarium tank wall to allow the device to remain well attached to the glass. The suction cup is the latest upgrade that replaced the extra strong neodymium magnets (that were protected in waterproof casings) used previously.

The seahorses no longer have to race through the entire tank space to get their food, nor do they have to deal with the aquarium owner attempting to remove rotting food debris from the corners and nooks in the tank. What’s great is that it also saves time and effort when it comes to cleaning the aquarium substrate and filters.

This seahorse feeder uses one heavy-duty suction cup to ensure easy and smooth attachment to the aquarium wall, making it virtually impossible for it to come loose or swivel while your pets are feeding.

Another excellent advantage of this seahorse feeding station is that it allows several seahorses to anchor and be fed at the same time, using the rail that runs around it, all while giving seahorse owners clear views from any angle.

The seahorse feeding station is handmade in Australia, with lots of attention to small details, specially designed with your aquarium in mind. While it is transparent, it is also visually pleasing that doesn’t take any attention away from the other components within the aquarium.

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