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August 17 19:42 2020
Watch Africa Now (WAN), UK’s SVOD streaming service is slowly emerging as the beacon of hope for undiscovered YouTube content creators across the 54 countries in Africa…

The streaming service which is set to launch this September will champion independent short-films, documentaries, children programming, music and more from award-winning and up-coming YouTube content creators in Africa.

Over the past few years, YouTube has seen a wave of content creators streaming in from Africa. However, not all has had the opportunity to experience success through their channels in terms of views and followings. Another issue faced is the setup for advertising revenue on those videos that has become popular. In fact, over 90% of African creators will fall under that umbrella leaving a pool of undiscovered talent and unfulfilled dreams untapped.

WAN streaming offers a permanent infrastructure to house such talents. Content creators also receives an upfront licensing payment making it attractive and worthwhile unlike the YouTube model of payment per views over a period. The platform is also targeted to viewers across the world directly seeking for African entertainment, thus bringing the content creators to the forefront of their search.

Up-coming content creator, Aya Aya, better known as Mc MBakara who have licensed some short-comedy series on WAN, said:

“I just want my content to be seen around the world. I have a good feeling about this partnership and I also want to see WAN platform grow very big and I am glad I am one of the first set of content creators to be on this platform.”

MC MBakara is also set to produce one of the first WAN series original to be launched on the streaming service this year.

Founder and CEO, Justin Beekye, said:

The talent the team and I have witnessed across Africa is undeniable. The best part of our day-to-day job is the cinematic experience when reviewing extremely entertaining content that has been submitted.

We believe we have created a viable solution that will help to propel such talented content creators into house-hold names and to enhance their chances of financially benefitting from their productions.”

Some of the content that you can expect to see on WAN Streaming have won awards from Film Festivals such as, REVENIR (Winner “Jury Prize” – Document Human Rights Film Festival – Scotland), THE LAND BETWEEN (Winner “Best Film” – Lampedusa In Festival – Italy) and NOUS SOMMES DES MESSAGERS (Portobello Film Festival – London, U.K.) to name a few.

Award-winning Music Video Director, Akin Alabi in Lagos, Nigeria has created a string of successful edutainment content which will be available for streaming on WAN.

Watch Africa Now (WAN) is constantly on the search for talented content creators in Africa to help put their work on the map across the globe.

Content creators can get in touch with WAN Streaming by sending and email to: [email protected]

Subscribers will be able to subscribe to the service from this coming September 6th 2020. For more information prior to the launch visit www.watchafricamovies.com.

For up to date news information visit WAN’s Instagram page @watchafricanow

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