San Jose Psychotherapist Uses Online Therapy to Help More Clients

August 15 01:51 2020

San Jose, CA – Psychotherapy is an effective way to provide long-term health improvements while reducing the overall need for health services. If you’re dealing with any sort of trauma, stress, teen/adult life issues, work-life balance problems, or anything short of a mental health crisis, iMan Therapy Inc. is your reliable partner in treating various behavioral and mental health issues. All thanks to effective psychotherapy programs, many issues can be improved without having to resort to medications. This is because these programs are designed to work on improving an individual’s emotional well being without dependence on drugs or any chemical substance.

“It seems like every day, I see clients come dealing with issues like substance abuse and childhood traumas. My goal is to help clients realize their self-worth and provide them effective, safe, and long-lasting life improvements in their physical and mental health,” said Kamal Ahmed, a licensed psychotherapist in San Jose. “There are so many people struggling, that really need help. I meet many youngsters dealing with issues like family conflict and trauma. Not just the child, but the entire family goes through the trauma if anyone in a family is dealing with such an issue. So, it’s essential to make use of professional psychotherapy programs to help teens and their families come out of such trauma,” he further added.

iMan Therapy Inc. has worked with many people dealing with various problems in their personal and professional life, with a special emphasis on therapy for men’s issues and therapy for adolescents. The psychotherapy program from iMan Therapy leverages the power of the Internet by working through tele-counseling. And it has improved both mental and behavioral health issues across a wide spectrum of population groups. The average positive effects of psychotherapy are proven to be higher than many medical treatments.

Key observations by researchers on psychotherapy programs:

  • As per large meta-analytic and multi-site studies, psychotherapy helps in reducing morbidity, disability, and mortality. It also helps in reducing psychiatric hospitalization requirements. 
  • Psychotherapy helps patients achieve certain life skills that will last beyond the program. The results of psychotherapy programs tend to be effective and last longer compared to psychopharmacological treatments.
  • Although medication is considered appropriate in certain cases, research proves that a blend of psychotherapy and medication is most effective to treat anxiety and depression. It must be noted that the effect after psychotherapy is often better than the results produced by different drug treatments for similar disorders without any potential for harmful side effects that any drug may have. It’s important to note, however, that only a medical doctor can prescribe drugs. And due to this, drugs and medications are not prescribed by, recommended or utilized by Kamel.

“As Californians grapple with the increasing prices of health care, it’s essential that health care professionals and average consumers understand the potential value in both affordable and improved outcomes of psychotherapies,” Kamal said. “And it’s encouraging to see that there are more people aware of psychotherapy than ever before. Even health care providers are recommending people to indulge in psychotherapy programs due to their effectiveness. However, there’s still a long way to go,” he further mentioned.

About iMan Therapy Inc.:

iMan Therapy Inc., led by licensed psychotherapist Kamal Ahmed, offers effective psychotherapy programs specializing in psychotherapy for men, psychotherapy for athletes and psychotherapy for teens. Being a professional psychotherapist, Kamal understands that each program needs to have a proper balance of cognitive behavior, humanistic-existential, and somatic practices. Each aspect is considered according to the unique needs of individual clients. In able to help as many people as possible, Kamal utilizes teletherapy for his work with clients.

With sessions typically around 50 to 90 minutes, clients may expect a full one-on-one interaction with the psychotherapist. If you have any questions or doubts, please visit the website


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