The Christ For The “Second Coming” Has Come With The Natural Remedies On Conoravirus & The Key To Decoding The Mystery Of Revelation

August 14 00:38 2020

This year of 2020 is truly a year of turmoil in the world. It first started with the outbreak of the Conoravirus in China and then infected almost all the countries in the world. There were also many natural disasters around the world like big floods, extreme weather, earthquake, volcano eruption and locust outbreak, etc. Now, the violent riots also erupted across the United States after the death of George Floyd. All these turmoil, plague, disasters and conflicts were prophesied in the Bible as the signs before the Great Event of the “Second Coming”.

The Good news is, after all these turmoil in the world, the long-awaited “Second Coming” has finally arrived. It is the coming of the “Second Child” prophesied in the Bible, the “Man Child” born under the reign of the “Red Dragon” prophesied in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, who later grew up as the “Rider on the White Horse” for the “Second Coming” in Revelation 19:11-16.

Now, the Son of Man for the “Second Coming” has arrived with the New Revelation of God on the natural remedies on Conoravirus and the key to decoding the 2,000-year mystery of the Book of Revelation. Here are some of the New Revelations of God posted in the website,

  1. The Prophecies & Signs of the Son of Man for the “Second Coming“. The prophecies & signs of the “Second Coming” happened right now.
  2. The Mystery & Fulfillment of the Prophecies in the Book of Revelation. The visions in the Book of Revelation are not about the disasters at the “End Time” as most people believe, but about the major historical events in the Christian history of the last two thousand years.
  3. The Five Stages of the “Second Coming” Prophesied in the Book of Revelation. There are Five Stages, not just one stage, of the “Second Coming” prophesied in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.
  4. How to Tell the Differences between the Real Christ and False Christ for the “Second Coming” There have been many false Christ and false prophets before the Real “Second Coming”. Here are some criteria to differentiate the real Chrsit for the “Second Coming” from all those false claimers.
  5. The Natural Remedies and Simple Preventive Method on the Conoravirus. Before the vaccines are available, there are several natural remedies and simple preventive method to fight against Covid-19 Conoravirus.
  6. Open Call for the 144,000 Saints for the “Second Coming”. Just as the Son of Man for the “Second Coming” already come, those 144,000 who have been redeemed and would follow Christ have also been incarnated in this world. It’s time for them to come join this Great Mission of the “Second Coming”.
  7. The Solution to the Social Unrest for the United States. There is also the Message of God for Americans to stop the social unrest and work together to make this country great again.

On August 16, 2020, the Son of Man for the “Second Coming” will host a Live Conference on at 1:00 PM Mountain Time (3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT) to answer people’s questions.

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