Star M Properties Publishes Open Letter About Limiting The Spread Of COVID

August 14 03:48 2020
In the hope of limiting the explosion of COVID-19 cases, Stjepan Krco offers his company’s actions. He encourages other property owners, Local, State, and National governmental leaders to follow suit.

Star M Properties LLC and Mr. Stjepan (Stefan) Krco are pleased to announce the release of an open letter to other property owners and managers, as well as government leadership, about the fight against COVID-19. The letter includes a series of steps that the company has implemented in order to lessen the risk of contracting the Coronavirus. He believes that more comprehensive national level disinfection efforts should be implemented to help slow the spread of the virus.

In his letter, Mr. Krco states, “The situation with the virus continues to deteriorate and may last a long time. The current measures are not nearly sufficient to improve the situation, and additional measures should be considered when fighting the virus.” 

The virus is airborne and falls onto other surfaces where it can survive for as long as nine days. Measures to clean and disinfect include extensive and routine treatment of carpets, flooring, doorknobs, and handrails, especially in areas where large numbers of people congregate. It is suggested that equipment feeding into ventilation and HVAC systems be deactivated or lowered in volume since airflow carries the virus and can spread virus throughout the buildings. Disinfectant-drenched floor mats at building entrances would lessen the virus spread. 

In addition, it has been reported that animals can carry the virus with initial infections from a live butchered animal market in Wuhan, China. The SARS pandemic, another earlier strain of Coronavirus, originated from bats. A recent infection of a Bronx Zoo tiger is also mentioned. People should exercise care in contact with animals, which might be infected or become infected. See

The letter continues, “We hope you will consider these simple, yet effective measures as part of your response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Every newly infected person is a new carrier/ producer of the virus and is still transmitting the virus to new hosts. However, if we stop infections at the office and other public places, it will help limit the time that the pandemic affects our businesses and daily lives. If we are divided in our attempts to eradicate the virus, it will not be as effective if it is just the isolated efforts of other property owners/managers, who are joining in the effort to stop the infection.

We have to do this together at the same time to end this pandemic.

With millions of tons of disinfectants, millions of sprayers already available, ready to use, millions of recently unemployed, USA could be disinfected in short time. This way tens of thousands of lives would be saved and economy could be back on track!

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Star M Properties is a family-owned and operated property management company located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, just a few minutes from downtown Minneapolis. The company offers office space available to suit clients’ needs, from individual suites to complete business spaces.

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