Industrial Polymers Products Provide Outstanding Architectural Coatings and Moldings

August 06 19:12 2020
Industrial Polymers Products Provide Outstanding Architectural Coatings and Moldings

Exceptional Architectural Design!

Houston, TX – Industrial Polymers, a Houston based, innovative product corporation is recognized for their outstanding coatings and moldings that help to build expectational architectural design!

“At Industrial Polymers we are proud to say that we provide excellent coating and molding products that our clients can use in their architectural projects,” said Labita Boddie, Owner. “Our clients will always be a top priority for Industrial Polymers; therefore we offer a variety of different products in order to meet all of our clients’ architectural design needs.

The StyroSpray 1000 is an easily applied hard coat for EPS foam that greatly enhances the durability of cut architectural shapes and designs for indoor and outdoor applications. The spray is used in architectural theming, museum exhibits, and indoor and outdoor 3-Dimensional signs.

Another product offered by Industrial Polymers is InstaGel. InstaGel is a flexible, brush-on product for making rubber molds from objects or wall surfaces which cannot be placed in standard box molds, any 3D objects or vertical wall surface. After mixing, InstaGel thickens to a creamy spreadable gel. Within 24 hours, InstaGel turns into a tough rubber mold. The InstaGel products feature a variety of different characteristics including high viscosity, flexible molds, high tear resistance and it is easily hand mixed for the user.

One of the last products available by Industrial Polymers is SpeedFlex. This product can be easily molded into complex shapes and is more versatile than traditional construction materials like wood and plaster for interior design, making it perfect for architectural design. SpeedFlex will not crack or chip after application and it easily bends to any surface like archways, ceilings or rounded walls that may be a part of your project.

SpeedFlex is available at a low tooling costs and it can be rapidly produced, making it a popular option among Industrial Polymer clients. SpeedFlex can be used for interior flexible trim molding, architectural cast finals, and synthetic wood trim.

As Industrial Polymers strives to provide innovative high-quality products, they also strive to deliver as quickly as possible, at the most competitive price. They are committed to constant improvement, which makes them the first choice of customers seeking quality polymer products.

For more information on Industrial Polymers Architectural Design Products or to place an order with these experts, visit their website or call (800)766-3832.

About Industrial Polymers

Industrial Polymers combines the capabilities of science and technology with a passion for innovating new products. With our onsite polymers’ chemist and experienced technical staff, we have the ability to tap into new markets and opportunities through cooperative product development with our customers. For over 30 years, we have practiced the art of invention creating hundreds of products for industrial, commercial, municipal, and military needs.

We formulate and manufacture the most complex polymer compounds in our state of the art 46,000 sq. foot facility serving more than 6,000 customers in 40 countries. Located in Houston, Texas, the nearby Port of Houston provides efficient direct shipping to our customers in Western Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South American or any location international. That is why our customers come back to us time and time again for each new project or need.

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