Personal Conflicts Arise Without Notice and Mediation or Counseling Can Solve Issues Quickly

August 06 16:22 2020

Stressful times appear in every individuals’ life all throughout their lifespan.  It is unavoidable.  Now, especially, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, individuals are experiencing a heightening of stress that can need immediate attention.  Personal conflicts can arise regarding disputes between parties, either neighbors, friends, suppliers of goods and services (such as hospitals), or even unpaid bills.  This is where a great mediation and counseling service such as Innovative Alternatives, INC of Houston, Texas can assist dramatically.  Founded in 1989 by President and CEO, Sharon Bayus, this nonprofit agency is a proud member of the United Way and does provide superior mediation, counseling, and even training sessions to the Houston area through their expansive list of locationsAlthough the main office is in Houston, their services are available throughout the area surrounding Houston making this a convenient provider for many Texans. 

Mediation is practiced by many attorneys.  However, the “style” is more like arbitration. 

Innovative Alternatives, INC prides itself on providing a unique type of mediation, taking into consideration the challenges being faced by both parties.  Clients are briefed about the mediation process beforehand and are prepared for the emotional impacts of having a dispute mediated successfully.  This can lead to a less stressful type of mediation overall, as the idea of “disputing parties” is not the focus.  Rather the focus is on obtaining a solution that works well for all concerned.  The training given to the staff of Innovative Alternatives INC is the reason this works so well as the individuals doing the mediation are generally trained in counseling methodologies also.  A thoughtful, gentle yet effective approach to disputes is always sought. 

Counseling may be needed after mediation also but is available even without a need for mediation.

This agency provides all types of counseling services as well with a focus on constructivism.  This model is a form of behavior modification and while first used for students by teachers, is now more mainstream and utilizes a pattern of identifying negative learned behaviors which might be holding an individual back in life.  A care plan is developed based upon an initial interview, with goal setting as a focus.  These goals can be applied to all facets of life’s problems, from financial to interpersonal, and family counseling, childhood counseling, anger management, and other types of individual problems can benefit from counseling and approaching problems correctly.  Everyone is welcomed in this agency, from children to adolescents, to adults. 

Suffering from stress due to conflicts, personal issues, or even behavioral flaws is unnecessary.

All types of issues can be resolved effectively, and even workplace issues can be mediated to make a workplace environment more stable and productive.  Individual counseling is always a great idea for anyone experiencing stress as a more thoughtful, productive, and less stressful existence usually is achieved.  There is no need for anyone to suffer alone anymore now, especially in the Houston area, since Innovative Alternatives, INC is there to help whenever needed.

About Innovative Alternatives, INC

Although the main office is in Houston, TX, there is a long list of offsite locations to make the services of Innovative Alternatives, INC most convenient for a large area of Texas residents.  Founded in 1989, by Sharon Bayus there is a large team of counselors and mediators.  There is an online form, a phone, fax, and email for quick contact.  Office hours are extensive, Mondays through Thursdays now from 11 AM to 5 PM, and Fridays from 8 AM to 5 PM.  Saturdays are also available, from 9 AM to 1 PM.  Due to the Pandemic, there are also phone counseling sessions available, and Skype sessions.  An FAQ exists to assist in learning about mediation and counseling.

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