Unitonomy Improves Work Communication with Knowledge Transfer Software

August 06 08:24 2020
Unitonomy launches knowledge transfer software to connect people and information!

LOUISVILLE – August 5th, 2020 – Unitonomy has launched GetCommit, knowledge transfer software that transforms work culture. GetCommit builds connections between work colleagues, encourages knowledge sharing and influences organizational work culture positively.

Work communication is haphazard and disconnected due to fragmented systems making a mess, and employee habits creating more chaos. With so many messages, so many channels and so many apps, information is missed, and connection is lost. GetCommit solves this problem by helping workers find connections to each other and reconnect to a common purpose.

“We believe a knowledge-based organization should have knowledge transfer at the center of its fragmented systems, connecting people and information,” says Unitonomy founder Charley Miller. “We aim to make knowledge transfer effortless with software that proactively adds information and makes information sharing fun with a collaborative buddy system.”

GetCommit is designed to be easier to use than traditional knowledge management software like wikis or document editors, which require users to spend time writing articles that few people read. With GetCommit, knowledge is captured within tools employees already use like text, chat, emails, files and links. Committing this knowledge to GetCommit is as easy as forwarding an email.

This software repairs and strengthens the connections across teams. GetCommit automatically organizes and networks information in a dashboard, making it quickly digestible and easily searchable across knowledge repositories. The collaborative buddy system encourages sharing and captures rich details which improve each person’s sense of alignment, accountability, belonging and bonding.

GetCommit is a critical tool, especially for those working remotely, because it goes beyond documenting information for knowledge transfer. This software seamlessly connects knowledge from disconnected systems, effortlessly connects people to knowledge and enjoyably connects people to each other.

About Unitonomy

Unitonomy develops culture management software to help companies change their work culture by augmenting communication and connecting people. Unitonomy founder, Charley Miller, previously was co-founder and Head of Product for Touchcast, a suite of video-based internal communication software. With GetCommit, he aims to help companies transform how they communicate and collaborate across the organization.

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