Subjective Universe: Interweaving Matter and Mind through Cyclical Time, A Digestible, Engaging Illustration Of The Universe’s Most Complex, Thought Provoking Concepts, Releases on Amazon

August 06 02:54 2020

4 August, 2020 – A new book on the subjective universe is soaring in popularity on Amazon. Released just last month to audiences worldwide, Subjective Universe: Interweaving Matter and Mind through Cyclical Time is breaking down the complexities of our vast universe and showing readers that while we all may at times feel insignificant, the existence of a single person may be just as important as the universe as a whole.

Inspired by the 20th-century work of prominent scientist Albert Einstein, Subjective Universe: Interweaving Matter and Mind through Cyclical Time explores the “weirdness” of quantum theory, taking readers through topics that include subjective reality and cyclical time, machine consciousness, existence and beauty, the origin of life, language and consciousness, universal grammar and infinity, light and aether, free will and determinism, quantum entanglement and reality, black holes and the mind, vacuum energy and consciousness, human singularity and black hole/big bang singularity, science and big questions.

With the reality of the physical universe largely subjective, the book examines concepts of reality, beauty, light, free-will, quantum mechanics, and other areas in great detail. Exploring some of the most complex, difficult, and thought-provoking questions of our universe, Subjective Universe: Interweaving Matter and Mind through Cyclical Time breaks down concepts with seemingly easy illustrations. With 289-pages of explanations, examples, figures, and diagrams, readers of all backgrounds and education levels will be able to follow the discussion through complex or traditionally confusing concepts. 

To learn more about Subjective Universe: Interweaving Matter and Mind through Cyclical, or to purchase a copy of the book on Amazon, please click here. Paperback editions are available for $17.99, while Kindle digital editions retail for $9.99.

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