MobiusTrend: Opportunities Brought by Air Imaging Holographic Technologies

August 06 02:45 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research company in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Opportunities Brought by Air Imaging Holographic Technologies’. On July 23, China’s leader Xi Jinping, who was on an inspection tour in Jilin, came to the R&D center of FAW Group. In the laboratory, Zhang Tian, an engineer, introduced the “Red Flag” intelligent applications – ‘Air Imaging Hologram’ and ‘Heart Rhythm Steering Wheel’.

“This is the Air Imaging Hologram robot.” With The introduction of Zhang Tian, a lively 3D small doll appeared in the air. “Drivers can interact with the robot. And the robot can assist drivers to do intelligent operations.” This hologram technology has now been carried on the Red Flag smart minibus.”

Before most people knew about the industry, air imaging (Media-free) technology had become a hot industry. Dielectric hologram is a real image display technology in air based on light-field reconstruction.

As a representative enterprise of holographic vision AR in China, WIMI Hologram Cloud focuses on computer vision holographic services. WIMI Hologram Cloud’s light-field simulation imaging system combines images (people and objects) captured by camera technology in films with the main model landscape in a set box using the principle of optical illusion. Based on the combination of “physical model” and “three-dimensional light-field simulation” optical imaging, the active portrait shot is superimposed into the scene, forming a combination of motion and motion of the film and television picture. A realistic visual effect of the combination and interaction between stereoscopic light-field simulation and physical model is obtained.

WIMI’s self-developed light-field chip has realized the commercialization of holographic products, making holographic reduction more realistic. Moreover, WIMI Hologram Cloud recently announced plans to use holographic AI face recognition and holographic AI face changing as core technologies to support holographic Cloud platform services and 5G communications applications through a number of innovative systems.

5G has many innovations such as high speed, large flow, low delay and multi-connection. In the 5G era, the transmission features of high speed and low delay are going to improve the user experience of VR/AR products. 5G+ cloud rendering greatly improves application display effects, reduces hardware costs, and promotes the popularization of VR/AR. Technological innovation continues to make breakthroughs and promote product upgrading, further clearing the way for the popularization of VR/AR.

5G application revolves around a four-layer system, from terminal intelligence to network efficiency, information data and closely integrated with traditional industries. It will give birth to 5G based information products and services, and reshape the industrial development model. The innovation of terminal, network and data will drive the traditional field to the direction of intelligent data development and realize the interconnection of everything.

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