Advice From the Expert: Joseph O’Connor Shares Tips on How to Get Started With Proper Financial Investment

August 05 16:18 2020

Financial Investment can often prove to be quite tricky. It involves several complexities that might be difficult to comprehend, especially for beginners. In order to be successful at financial investments, it is imperative to understand the basics and develop the best practices. Joseph O’Connor, a self-made millionaire and investment expert has recently shared his opinions and tips on financial investment.

Joseph is in his early twenties and has already established himself as a successful investor. In a recent conversation, he shared his valuable insights on how to start financial investments as a beginner. When asked about how one can start investing, Joseph stressed the importance of doing the basics right. He said that one should begin investing only after setting up the following: an appropriate payment method i.e. a bank account, debit card, or credit card, proof of identification, an account on a financial exchange, and a secure internet connection.

Setting Up a Payment Method 

Whichever type of transaction mode you choose, you then need to connect it to an appropriate method of payment. Bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards all allow you to make financial transactions, but each has its own limitations.

If you connect your wallet to a bank account, transactions can take up to five days to process. Despite this, a bank account will allow you full access to all kinds of transactions and have the profits deposited straight into your account. Connecting a bank account is the best option for first-time investors, or the ones looking to deal with large sums.

Conversely, connecting with a debit or credit card will allow you to exchange funds instantly. However, these will not allow you to sell assets or get the profits deposited straight into your bank account.

Joining an Exchange

The simplest way to start financial investments is to open an account on an exchange. These are online ‘stores’ that provide the platform for financial trading. It is important to conduct adequate research before choosing an exchange. Some important factors to consider are security, reliability, reputation, exchange rates, and processing fees. It is also important to note whether the exchange allows financial trading in your preferred country or not.

Peer to peer exchanges is also worth joining. But Joseph dressed the importance of choosing a reputed one as these kinds of exchanges have the history of scams and money-laundering. 

Calculated financial investment is beneficial in the long term – as Joseph O’Connor’s success has proven. However, one cannot deny the risks involved in this context, Joseph concluded that one must only invest after securing their basic financial needs.  Any sort of financial investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme and one must follow the best practices, even if it takes longer to start earning profits. 

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